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What are some good hay fever remedies?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) July 6th, 2010

I suffer from hay fever terribly in the sense that my nose is itchy for pretty much all day during the summer. I have tried the prescription tablets but they are pretty much non effective after a week.

Does anyone suggest any remedies, really effective tablets etc etc that I can try to combat my hay fever since these tablets are now hopeless.


Sorry if I am postin this in the wrong section, I was unsure and I want serious answers mostly. I don’t mind if you move it to the social section as long as I still get serious answers.

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For now treat the symptoms with antihistamines (preferably the non-drowsy ones if they work for you). Restrict your outdoor activities when the pollen count is high. Installing air filtration units where you live and work if possible. Good luck.

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Which medications have you tried before? I use to take prescription allergy medicine, but it stopped working, so now I just take Benadryl when needed. There are several different allergy medications, so you may need to talk to your doctor to see if another one would be good for you.

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It it is really bad, you may want to visit the clinic and get some allergy shots.

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Current one I am using is Loratadine. I have had countless other types in the past that were close to useless.

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@WestRiverrat It’s not bad as in debilitating, it’s just very annoying and persistent. It’s like having a cold 12 hours a day for the whole of summer. Combined with the extra heat, there is no wonder I prefer winter to summer.

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Spring to fall I’d be miserable without Flonase, which is a rx nasal spray, not a pill or tablet.

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I usually use Cetrizine, that keeps all but the worst allergies at bay for me. I’ve tried Loratadine before but it’s never been quite as effective. You could try some natural remedies along with the antihistamines. I’ve heard nettle tea can work and honey produced in your local area (if you can get it).

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@Ame_Evil even if it is not debilitating, the shots can be liberating. You just have to decide if 1 shot every 6–12 weeks during the hayfever season is better than taking 1–4 pills every day.

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@Cruiser That. Sinus rinses are great for allergy/sinus related things.

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@VohuManah I rough it with the Netti Pot!

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Take a lot of bee pollen pills for weeks. It cured me permanently.

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if you want to go natural, there only a few things that actually work. One is HayMax a nose balm which traps pollen before it gets in. They have done trials to show it really does. Another is Qu-Chi band – and acupressure band which has trials behind it to prove it works. And a herbal remedy with some trials behind it is Butterbur. make sure you get the stuff made by a company in Edinburgh – they have a unique method of preparation which gets rid of bad stuff and keeps the good stuff in. All three of these can be used together and alonside drug based remedies, they are drug free, can be used by kids and the Haymax can be used when pregnant. Hope that helps. My favourite is The HayMax.

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