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Would you pose nude for your cause?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) July 6th, 2010

We were watching “Calendar Girls,” the movie about the British housewives – including seniors – who pose for a whimsical calendar doing the usual British housewife things like cooking and gardening – but without clothes.

It’s a “true-life” story where the women were raising money to donate to a hospital in memory of the deceased husband of one of them.

Anyway, it got us to asking people if they would pose naked for their cause – whatever it might be.

Would you pose in the buff to raise money for what’s close to your heart?

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I’m not sure my nude image would help any cause, but I would if it would make a difference to an important cause.

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No. It would harm the cause. Clothing covers up most of the disfigurement. Without it, I look like one of Dr. Frankenstein’s creations. For a good enough cause, I’d hire a body-double to stand in for me.

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I’ve seen the movie and really enjoyed it. Would I pose nude for a good cause? No. But I’d be willing to donate time and/or money to the cause.

P.S. You might want to brace for the potential feedback you may receive for the statement of “usual British housewife things like cooking and gardening”. My US born and bred mother fits that bill; my British future MIL does not.

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Skeet shooters Assn. of America…month of May! Yes that is my gun and I am happy to be posing!

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Probably not.

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Sure, maybe. A nude image of a male probably wouldn’t do too many wonders for gay rights, though… :)

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I would pose nude just because.

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I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see me nude, but if it might help I guess I would do it.

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Only if the cause was for others to see what real bodies and mother’s bodies look like. Otherwise, no, I don’t support organizations like PETA that use the male gaze of our society to support causes that have nothing to do with naked women.

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Probably, although I’m sure there’s almost definitely some better way to contribute to most causes.

But like @lucillelucillelucille said, I’d prolly do it just because. I’m hungry, damnit.

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@Symbeline If things ever got that desperate, I’d give you whatever was offered so that you could preserve your dignity. My lady was once in that terrible position.

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Yes, whether anyone would want me to is another question entirely.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’d work it out somehow, but I appreciate the thought. :) I just keep finding myself in these situations where you’d do just about anything for half a smoke or some food. It’s much better now though, I’ve been saving money and eating better things. Not trying to get attention or nothin, I swear. XD

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Symbeline Just hate to see people I care about reduced to that level. Not meaning to be a show-off or anything. Sometimes I don’t express myself very well. :^(

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I would pose nude just be-cause.

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If there was nothing else I could do to help raise money for the cause, then I would do it. I’d prefer to donate my time and money before doing it though. Even with it being for a good cause, it could follow me for life and people could take it way out of context. Not to mention I wouldn’t be thrilled about the idea of my kids seeing it someday.

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Not these days. I wouldn’t help it much.

I did note that the calendar girls were posed to disguise their flaws. For example, the heavier one had a whole lot of flowers in front of her, or was it bakery goods????

When I was younger I was an artists’ model so it isn’t an issue of modesty, but courtesy.

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Well, my “cause” is rather specific to me, but I would have no problem posing nude in support of that cause. Of course Sherry always says I have her with just that certain smile. What I can say is I certainly smile a lot, and not surprisingly, I always end up nude. You go figure.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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The two biggest causes I support are gun rights and women’s rights/rape victim advocacy.

Me being naked probably wouldn’t help either.

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I’m naked right now. Want to see?

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oh goodness no!!! I mean… Greenpeace would arrive again, and it isn’t their rolling me down to the seafront that I mind so much as the buckets of cold water they pour over me on the way lol bad enough I have to avoid the harpoons when I get out of the shower of a morning :-) hee hee hee
huggles everyone xx

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Yeah why not? I could advertise a towel hanger while i’m there.

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Right now, no. In five years time, after all my transition surgery is complete, maybe. And the cause would almost certainly be something to do with transgender/transsexual advocacy.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Lmao. XD Remember that time you went around posting those things all over your school? How did that work out?

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OK, have been thinking about this, and my serious answer is… well maybe. So long as, like the Calender Girls in the movie I have a well placed muffin or loaf of bread :-)
huggles xx
ps: and I’d also want to lose about 20–25 lbs first to lose my own muffin top lol.

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Yes I would. I’m not ashamed of my body and there are certain causes that mean enough for me to do so.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I know exactly what you mean. My posing nekkid with a Barrett M82 wouldn’t help the cause much either, nor would it help the cause of battered women or GLBT rights~.

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I kind of thought that more people would have the reaction I had:

What the hell. It’s what I look like all the time, you just can’t see it. It’s me. Take it or leave it. It’s not going to get any better. CHEESE!

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@Symbeline, nobody noticed :-( Oh well, I had fun doing it! :-D

@stranger_in_a_strange_land, it may not help our causes, but it would be badass.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you posted nekkid pictures all over your school?????
@6rant6 I never saw the real calendar or the real women, but the women in the movie were all supposed to be sort of senior [at least 50] and all happened to be at least moderately attractive, and 2 or 3 were hotties, so it is hard to tell how hard it might have been if they really had some weight or other problems.

You weren’t one of the original calendar girls, were you?

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@anartist, naw, -although naked pictures of me have made their rounds….—

I made a bunch of vintage style posters advertising an expedition to the moon to be led by a reverend. The advertisements were filled with references to Victorian snake-oil peddlers and stuff like that. It was kindof an art project.

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very cool. would you post one so we can see? poster, i mean [nekkid pic ok too]

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You can see the original calender pics here and there is a link on that page to the movie calender girl pics too. Very tasteful actually, but then it is the Women’s Institute after all.
hugs all xx

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@anartist, the posters are all long gone and the file was on my old (virus infested) computer. Sorry :-(

Nekkid pics can be found on

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I totally clicked…and was totally disappointed

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Sorry @Simone_De_Beauvoir :-(
I’m not bold enough to let my nekkids wind up on the internet for real yet

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s okay, I’ll be waiting. And not being creepy

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@anartist , No, I just saw the movie.

Seems to me a couple of them were 40ish as well as the septegenarish ones. And they were well dressed more than “hot” I think. Good lighting and post processing counts for a lot too. And you’re never fully undressed without a smile.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard haha got me! I looked.
@6rant6 or like Marilyn “nothing on but the radio”

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I would do it for a good cause.

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