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Does anyone else find the taste of Arrowhead water kind of gross?

Asked by Tink (8668points) July 6th, 2010 from iPhone

I think it has a weird taste, water isn’t supposed to has a flavor right? And yet, this one does. I notice it more when the water is around room temperature and after drinking it my throat feels parched.

I know I don’t have to drink it, but I’m just wondering, am I the only one that notices it?

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For me it’s Evian water that has a funny taste. I also dislike Desani water. Maybe Arrowhead’s particular minerals make it taste bad to you.

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? no it tastes normal to me- and i live where the tapwater is good

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I agree with you. Arrowhead has an extremely bizarre taste, almost like I’m tasting more of the plastic it comes in, rather than the water. I stopped drinking Arrowhead completely because of it.

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Why buy bottled water if you don’t have to? The transportation and packaging both take a large toll on the environment. I read the origin on one bottle and it was from the Miami municipal water supply!

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For my money Fiji is the best bottled water.

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Think plastic bottle…plastic tastes real funny especially at elevated temps…the plasticizers start to out gas and yummy extra flavors at no extra charge!

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I think all bottled water tastes weird.

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@Seaofclouds agreed.

I don’t like the taste of bottled water at all. I can’t describe the taste that I get but it’s like leaving a glass of water out overnight, and drinking it the next morning, yuck!

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Yes it does taste weird to me too, most bottled water I think tastes fine, but Arrowhead has a bit of a weird taste to it. Like they added to many minerals or something.

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I was told by a “water professional” that Arrowhead water is actually recycled sanitation/public water. The minerals everyone tastes is to hide the stale old character of which it came from. Gross.

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