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Are there more lightning bugs this year?

Asked by josie (28695points) July 6th, 2010

Assuming that where you live where are lightning bugs, does it seem to you that there are more of them this year than in years past?

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I haven’t found that to be the case here on the out skirts of North Carolina.

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I couldn’t believe the amount of lightning bugs I noticed over the weekend while camping at the ranch my husband works at. I don’t know if it was because we were in the country, but I have noticed more than usual lately. we’re in central Illinois

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Last year in New Jersey, there were none, now they are everywhere this Summer.

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Fireflies love moisture. In drier areas, they are found around wet or damp areas that retain moisture. Which probably explain why Michigan farmers are enjoying a bumper crop this year. Oh and yes, I am seeing more this year than ever.

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I’ve actually seen less, which sucks big time.

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Are you talking about what I call REAL ladybugs, the red ones? Someone told me there are a lot of the orange ones inland, but I don’t consider them real ladybugs. Perhaps I’m wrong here.

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@MissA Lightning bugs, not lady bugs.

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@MissA Here’s a firefly/lightning bug. Are you speaking about asian lady beetles? We have many of those here in Illinois. They are terrible in the fall, and they bite (though I have read that they don’t, but they have bitten me before). I loathe them.

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They came early in KY…....

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haha….I have one flying in front of me in the living room right now.

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Im in jersey as well. Last year i dont recall seeing like any at all. This year I see a lot, but i wouldnt say its anything like what it used to be when i was a child.

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When I first answered, I knew it was LIGHTNING bugs. Then, I started thinking about bugs and lady bugs were on my mind because we were going to order some to let loose in our garden. The last time we did it, I think we released 5,000. What a beautiful sight. Sorry for the mental lapse.

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my house gets infested with about 5k lady bugs every fall lol
its like the only bug you dont mind seeing all over the house cause they look cool and dont bite or anything

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Here in CT, we started seeing lightning bugs earlier than usual. Last night they were all over the yard, and I don’t usually see that many all at once. It’s been fun for the kids. It hasn’t been wetter than usual, but it’s been very hot.

We also seem to have a lot more june beetles and japanese beetles than in previous years. They’re wreaking havoc on my basil and raspberries.

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