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Is the count from sesame street a true depicition of a vampire?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) July 6th, 2010

Is there any animation of him drinking blood… or being hunted by Van Helsing on YouTube or the internet… wouldn’t the characters on sesame street be in constant danger from his hunger?

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That is a real coffin he sleeps in…need I say more??

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I loved Sesame Street when I was younger, and the Count fascinated me.

I was especially sad in the one book where he threw a party and nobody came…because he forgot to mail out the invitations. (He rectified this afterward, every letter mailed by a bat, no less.)
That said, I don’t think he’s a very clear depiction of the classical vampire, at least not according to Bram Stoker, Les Daniels or Sheridan Le Fanu, but they sure got the classic gettup and Transylvanian accent bitchin’. :)

That said, Sesame Street freaked me the hell out a lot more on the issue of homeless people than it ever did with vampires.

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The Count is one terrifying character. It is my understanding that al that counting he does is actually a countdown to his biting into his victim. Rumor has it that Prairie Dawn, Elmo, and Telly are all actually vampires as well, since they don’t have the cape and fangs, they are better able to hide it. In reality Sesame Street is a horrifying place where it is every man/puppet for himself. Little known fact: Big Bird is actually a zombie, his current conquest is Snualufagas..

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@SuperMouse Big bird suffers from delusions that snufalufagus exists…maybe he needs medication

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True depiction of a vampire? Assuming that they do exist:

What definition are you going by? Are you going by any one of the hundreds of myths of a vampire? These vary from revenant to (somewhere in Asia) a creature that consumes spinal fluid, to even stranger.

Are you going by Bram Stoker, Lord Byron, Anne Rice, on up to (or would that be down to) * shudder* the Twilight series? Which fictional portrayal is correct? Sesame Street’s portrayal, while silly, is just as valid as any fictional portrayal.

Oh, the “Transylvanian accent” portrayed on the show certainly is not very well done. It did not sound anything like my father who was from Transylvania.

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@Arisztid GA, but don’t ever mention Twilight again, you bugger! :D

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@Symbeline I feel sullied just from saying it!

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yes why yes, i feel that the count on sesame street is a true and life-like depiction of a vampire

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He is a freaky little cunt isn’t he? Oops freudian slip there.

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Judging by his personal history and his special relationship with the bats in his ceaselessly delightful ‘Batty Bat Song,’ his authenticity is beyond question. And his laughter is so rich with satisfaction that I don’t believe he’s experiencing any deprivation. If you fulfill a vampire’s appetites and don’t starve him, what’s the danger? This cheery gent is obviously getting enough of what he craves.

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Someone GA’d my answer ^^ today (6/11/2020) and brought this forgotten question back to mind. This is when I noticed that no one had pointed out what seemed obvious way back when: namely, that the Sesame Street depiction of Count Dracula is based on the portrayal by Bela Lugosi in the 1931 movie. This is noted on the first Muppet fan page I came across. The physical resemblance is plainly deliberate, from the round head to the iconic cape, and the accent is a parody.

When the Count von Count was introduced in 1972, it wasn’t such a stretch for the adult audience to be familiar with Lugosi, who died in 1956.

Ah, what a great movie. All those old black-and-white horror movies are treasures. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

There also was never a scarier Renfield.

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