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Is smoking marijuana a good thing?

Asked by cornbird (1750points) July 6th, 2010

In our society they have made marijuana illegal but does it have health benifits? If it is good to smoke it why is it illegal? If it is not good to smoke it please say why.

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Like any such thing, it has its benefits and side effects. I’ve read many studies as of late comparing marijuana smoking to cigarette smoking showing that the former is not as dangerous as the latter…this is enough for me to believe in legalizing marijuana…of course, there are many other reasons.

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Marijuana has been shown to be medically beneficial to some people with certain health conditions and is the reason some states, such as California, have legalized its use if prescribed by a physician. There are lots of studies, reports and literature available on the internet describing the benefits as well as many which claim otherwise. If medical marijuana is legal in your state and you suffer from a condition that may be helped by its use, I encourage you to discuss it with your doctor. Also keep in mind that smoking anything will do some harm to your lungs so you must weigh the benefits against the harmful effects.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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its not a bad thing

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Yes. Yes, it is.

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moderation is good. Good buds are awesome. It does help pain, nausea…..peace of mind.

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It helps me sleep… and makes me giggle. that’s a good thing

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Lol i cant wait to see where this question goes. Inb4flamewar

Weed is all I need :)
too bad im on probation right now :P

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Most experts in the field, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong for example, claim that it’s fuckin’ awesome.

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If it’s good enough for Obama…smoke it if you got it!

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I opened Fluther just now holding a bong in my free hand.

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A very good thing

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Smoking anything is bad for your lungs. Luckily there are other ways to consume marijuana other than smoking, such as eating it in a brownie. As for whether marijuana itself is a good thing or not, the answer is most definitely yes. It has many medical benefits, especially to AIDS sufferers (it stimulates the appetite and suppresses nausea) amongst many many other people. Best of all though, it is a completely natural substance, grows from the ground and needs no processing, and it’s impossible to overdose on it. Compare this to a drug as simple as tylenol, which can actually be a dangerous drug if you consume too much, let alone the fact that you could not produce it on your own. Of course, like any drug, there is a subset of the population who may have a negative reaction to it, such as those predisposed to schizophrenia.

If you are interested in why marijuana is illegal, I recommend reading this Wikipedia article as well as this one. In America, back in the early 20th century when cannabis was legal, various government agencies (in specific, the federal bureau of narcotics, run by Harry J. Anslinger) actively campaigned to make the association with cannabis and Mexican workers to bolster support for controlling both, that’s why they renamed cannabis to “marijuana”, it sounds like a Mexican word! As well, the non-psychoactive marijuana, hemp, posed a significant risk to the paper and textile industries, so Harry Anslinger’s friend William Randolph Hearst (who owned a giant paper mill and newspaper production lines) helped to publish stories decrying the social costs of this special drug the Mexicans have, marihuana. Before the 1900s, cannabis and hemp were considered one of the most valuable crops around, in fact it was legally mandated that people must grow hemp, and George Washington grew a ton of it.

Nowadays though the government is in a catch-22, especially with the medical dispensaries and the increased social pressure to legalize it. The government can’t admit it was wrong about the social costs of marijuana, else it loses face and admits that how many billions of dollars in prohibition and policing was for nothing. Heck they STILL don’t even consider it to have any medicinal benefits, even though they are proven. But at the same time many people are learning for themselves that the government hysteria was unfounded and unrealistic. Best of all, if they legalized it, everyone who was interested in it would be growing their own little plant or buying from others, so the government would gain a massive tax influx as well as reducing the profits that get funneled to crime and reducing their policing costs. But it takes a big man to admit they are wrong, and I really doubt I’ll ever hear that coming from the lords of the South in my lifetime.

Us here in Canada have pretty much legalized it, the police have too many other things to do than to pick on Joe Blow smoking a doobie in the street. Vancouver is almost like a mini Amsterdam now, with coffeeshops and all! But it will not officially be legalized until America does it first, cause oh my what a backlash that would have!

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awww mann i havent seen you in forever dynamicduo. Good to see ya around again :)

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hi buddy! i was AWOL while fixing up my life a bit. But now I’m back for the time being at least!

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Smoking Marijuana is neither good or bad. However, there are several things you should consider:

1. Are there any serious health risks associated with smoking marijuana?

2. Do you live in an area with a ridiculously zealous police force?

3. Are the legal risks outweighed by the recreational value of using marijuana?

4. I understand that its use causes some people to be paranoid. Do you have sufficient mental stability to handle the risk?

5. Are you supporting violent criminal gangs when you buy your supplies?

6. If #5 is true, does your pleasure outweigh the murder and degradation caused by those gangs?

If you can answer the above questions and can use the drug with a good conscience, feel free to do so. Otherwise find some other form of recreation. I would suggest mountain biking. The exercise raise your endorphin levels and the dangers raise your adrenaline levels. You get a rush and healthier at the same time. I’m not sure how much marijuana costs these days but it might be cheaper to buy a good bike than a few months supply of marijuana.

Please note that no value judgement is required, this is a simple cost/benefit analysis.

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A lungful of smoke is a lung full of something other than the oxygen that your brain needs.

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@Nullo is it worth sending people to jail for smoking it?

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@Ron_C A better question would be: Should people be going to jail for it?

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@Ron_C Sure, but not for smoke inhalation.

Jail time, AFAIK, is incurred not for smoking, but for breaking a law. Possessing, distributing, and using marijuana are all illegal in most states. We penalize traffic law violators for similar reasons. It is how we as a society maintain order. Laws must be enforced or else the whole casserole goes to the dogs.

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@Nullo you know… all drug use is decriminalized in Portugal. They seem to be doing pretty good.

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@Nullo virtually all of the drug laws and most driving laws only affect state revenue. The only drug laws should be a severe penalty for selling drugs to a minor. Other than that, insurance companies should be free to deny benefits to people that die or become sick because of a drug overdose.

On the traffic side, there should be two law governing speed, driving too fast for conditions, or obstructing traffic. Of course you shouldn’t be allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol or anyother drug. That’s it and the courts, jails and highways are cleaned up. Police are now freed to go after real criminals like congressmen on the take and CEOs with golden parachutes.

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Smoking anything isn’t necessarily good for you, however in contrast to tobacco which is legal Marijuana opens your lungs instead of losing them, has less carcinogens, and 33% less tar. And, there are studies which prove it can help with AIDs and cancer patients diet loss, and auto immune disorders such as MS, and other pain disorders, etc. etc. In other words, for many people the benefits greatly outweigh the harm, so while it can’t be said it is a perfectly benign thing it has many, many health benefits. In my opinion, for the vast majority of humans marijuana’s benfits outweigh the negatives, especailly when you can bypass the actual smoke and get just vapor, meaning it’s like inhaling the water vapor from your shower.

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@uberbatman i love your signature by the way, weed is all i need too bad im on probation right now lolz.

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