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Does Facebook sell access to employers?

Asked by Nullo (21968points) July 6th, 2010

That is, could my employer conceivably purchase from Facebook the ability to bypass the privacy settings on my account?

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If it did, Facebook would die a quick death as soon as the evidence got out.

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I would not put it beyond them.

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No clue. I use FB every day and attempt not to post anything that would offend or upset family members, friends, and companies that I’ve worked for.

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I refuse to use facebook, because I refuse to give them ownership of anything I post on FB.

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@WestRiverrat May I ask why you have no such qualms about giving ownership of anything you post on Fluther to Fluther?

“Any content posted on this site may be used by Fluther for any purpose.”

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Nope. If they could everyone would know because there would be countless status’s telling everyone.

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