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What's your favorite kind of chapstick?

Asked by h3llolim3 (90points) July 6th, 2010

Burt’s Bee, ChapStick, Kiss my Face…

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I prefer Carmex, It comes in a round, yellow, short tub.

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Do you mean a favorite brand of lip balm? Blistex. It comes in a tube so doesn’t need to be touched, is more moisturizing than Chapstick, and cheaper than Burt’s Bees.

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Sidenote… I got to meet the actual Burt of Burt’s Bees. He looks exactly like the drawing on his products.

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I love Soft Lips.

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I used to be a big addict to Cherry Ice. I can’t find it anymore, so I switched to cherry Carmex in a tube. I like regular Carmex in the little tub, but the cherry reminds me of Cherry Ice and it’s easier tote around instead of the tub and it’s only like a dollar.

When my lips get really bad in the winter, I use some Nivea Lip Balm stuff in a blue tube that kinda looks like lipstick. It soaks in fast and clears my lips up real quick. The Nivea is almost $3, which is expensive to me, for lip balm. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t addicted to lip balm because it’s a hard habit to break.

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Cherry chapsitck. For some reason, Blistex doesn’t work as well.

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I like SoftLips as well, but it’s so girly that I have to get my friend to buy it for me. :P

There’s also this brand called NaturalIce that I like. What I like about both of these (aside from teh fact that they are of course effective) is that they have menthol in them and provide that awesome cooling sensation.

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carmex…...horn players love it

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Cherry Chapstick. I got hooked on it because of my husband. He uses it all the time and when we were dating, his lips always tasted like cherry chapstick. Now, when I put it on, it reminds me of him.

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I like Blistex, the new Lip Massage one. It’s got these little waves on the top of it that are somewhat soothing. It tastes like cherry and it comes in a little tube like chapstick but it has the tip of a lip gloss thing.



Labello for Men. Actually, any Labello chapstick. They make the best chapstick in my opinion——goes on light and smooth, without that “waxy” or “greasy” feel, and effectively moisturizes lips and makes them soft, unlike some chapsticks that just go on top and wear off after awhile. You also get quite a bit of “balm” in each stick, so it lasts longer than other chapsticks.

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I actually love all kinds of ChapStick (the brand). I blame those adds that used to feature Picabo Street. When I was younger I wanted to be her.

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I like Burt’s :)

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Alba and I am also a Burt’s fan. They last forever and I need to use them less often then petroleum based ones.

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