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Where can I find a cheap one-night getaway in the northeastcoast?

Asked by curiousk (128points) July 6th, 2010

I have two days off and I was looking online for a one-night getaway at a beach near (but not in) NY but the internet is full of pop-ups with all sorts of suggestions and nothing seems to be what I’m looking for. Where can I find a relatively economical hotel or B & B near or by the beach? I do not drive, so I will have to get there by public transportation leaving out of NYC. I’m willing to travel to Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or even Massachusetts as long as the stay is fairly cheap and I can get there via a bus leaving out of NYC. All I want is a peaceful place to relax for a night. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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mystic, CT or Nantucket

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Here are some ideas. Simply choose a destination and then plug in bargain accommodations (destinationation name) to Google and see what comes up.

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Spring Lake is a lovely beach town on the Jersey shore. You can get there by train; Most of the accomodation is B & B.

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