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What is the best refrigerator?

Asked by terminator11 (1points) July 6th, 2010

I want to buy a refrigerator, anyone know the best

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You can get a subscription to consumer reports online, it is not expensive, and they usually have reliable information. If I were going to get a new fridge, I would get the kind that are side by side ffridge on the top, and freezer drawer on the bottom. I have had the traditional side by side for years and I hate how narrow the freezer is. Also, I would no tby GE, because generally I am annoyed with their products. I favor Kitchen Aid, but I have not bought a fridge in a long time so I do not have recent experience to recommend a particular one. Oh, and I thought I would mention that I had a refrigerator that if the door was open too long, it was not very long though, that once you closed the door it would not let you open it back up again right away. I hated it. Some sort of fail safe so you don’t let too much cold air out I guess.

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I’m partial to Amana.

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I trust anything Kitchenaid. That’s all that was in the house we bought this year. I hate the microwave, though. Too high-tech. ))-:

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