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How long does it take to fully peel?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) July 7th, 2010

I just started peeling from my sunburn on Monday and I want to know how long it’ll fully take.

I have my BF coming down on the 12th so I’m hopping by then it’ll be gone.

What do you guys think?

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It depends how badly you managed to get burned. I’m sure your BF will be so entertained by your hopping, he won’t notice the peeling skin.

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Haha well its more of the fact that I’m going to be wearing tanks and stuff so I don’t want my arms or shoulders looking all gross and pealing

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There most likely will be some dis-colorization. But all the skin peeling off should be gone in the next six days. I wouldn’t worry. </pale Irish man>

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Depending on the burn. Two weeks. Get a bath sponge to help the process.

Just be gentle with it. ;-)

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Boy did I burn the tops of my feet Monday. Wore sandals in the sun too long. I am the man with the crimson feet, but they dont hurt as bad as yesterday.

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It may take a little longer than the 12th. Don’t worry.

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