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What do you do if you hear the buzz of a skeeter when trying to sleep?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 7th, 2010

Does it make you cover up real tight, flap the air and get paranoid that the critter will eat you alive if you dont find it?
What is buzzing anyway?? I’m tired…..

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I stay in bed and cover up. The thought of leaving comfortable bed, turning the light on and attempting to track down a mosquito just doesn’t feel worth it in the middle of the night.

As for the buzzing…here is a link to one answer.

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I don’t worry, the quiet ones are the biters. Oh wait a minute, mosquitoes are the opposite—the females make the noise AND deliver the goods. No wonder I end up with so many bites.

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I bite the bullet. I turn on the light, get up, and do everything possible to find and kill it.
It is not my friend and does not belong in my bedroom.

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I freak out and kill it.

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I let it take all the blood it need.

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I turn on the lights and go hunting.

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Try to carry on sleeping, get really itchy, try to ignore it, get more itchy, turn on the lamp and throw everything within reach until I run out of objects, give up and sleep.

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Put your fingers in your ears.

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After the first buzz I plug in the mini bug-zapper. In five minutes, it’s dead. Learned it from my father.

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I usually manage to give myself a good smack on my ear as I try to swat the little pest!

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I wait until it gets really close to my head and then try to smack it and hope that i didn’t miss. If it’s REALLY annoying and i can’t ignore it, i’ll have to get up, put the lights on, and look for it. If i find it, it’s dead meat. This often means that i have to throw a pillow against the cealing or smack it with a towel if can’t reach it.

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