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What was your first kiss like?

Asked by mazzkat (305points) July 7th, 2010

And how old were you? Did you enjoy it? Do you regret it? Was it even that important to you?

My first kiss was something I actually really regret now that I think of it. I was 15, and my friend and I were in the park and she randomly shouted out, “WHO WANTS TO KISS MY FRIEND WHO’S 15 AND HAS NEVER HAD A KISS!?”

This girl ended up kissing me, and as enjoyable as it was, I wish it hadn’t gone down like that. It was just a kiss from a stranger and it didn’t mean much at all. But I wish I’d kissed someone I actually liked.

So what about you guys? I’m assuming guys and girls will be different about this.

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I had several bland, emotionless kisses before The Big One. Those kisses were unfeeling, and left me unmoved.
The first kiss from someone I had feelings for spun me. I was amazed to feel like that.

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I was 12 years old and on an exchange holiday in Germany at the time. The kiss was embarressing and sloppy and I certainly didn’t enjoy it. It was made all the more humiliating by the fact that my mum was there to witness it! Whilst it didn’t mean anything and I barely spoke to the boy ever again after that, I don’t regret it. Life’s way to short to regret something so trivial.

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I was 12. It was summertime, up at my cousin’s cottage. It was with a boy named Terry and the crush was mutual. There were a bunch of large rocks down by the beach and he offered to scoop me up and carry me over the rocks (sweet kid).

My cousin wanted to play hide and seek (yes, we were twelve, but, we were up near the woods/beach, so, it was a bit of an adventure – cool hiding spots). We played it at night. When were to go and hide, Terry grabbed my hand and told me to go and hide with him behind a large fallen tree. We went behind it, laid down on our sides and were facing each other. We looked at each other for a moment, then he leaned forward and gave me a kiss. It was soft, salty and he smelled like a sweaty boy, lol. I didn’t care..

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I rehearsed for months. Psyched myself out. Figured it would be very pleasurable.

Then it happen… I was 15.
She stuck her tongue in my mouth. I did not expect that, me, expecting to be the tongue sticker.

I spit all the way home. :-)

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I was twenty.

I had been dating him for several months, and held back from any sort of physical affection at the request of our pastor/my uncle (we were both in ministry. Whatever). After the required three months were up, we were in my house watching a movie, and he kissed my forehead, my nose, then my lips.

I thought I was going to melt or explode. Maybe both. It was great.

Yeah, I married him. Today’s our third anniversary, actually. ^_^ And we told that pastor (and his entire religion) to shove it.

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It was pretty good, actually. I was 19 and it was in his dorm room. Too bad the boy it was attached to was an egotistical self-centered fella. He didn’t really like me as a person, but just wanted to get laid and the girl he was really interested wouldn’t give him the time of day. I didn’t find this out until later. That sort of marred the experience a bit, but I’ll give it to him, he was quite the skilled kisser.

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I was 14. I had a crush on the much older boy next door. He liked me too. We were very good friends. He came over one night, and I had my first kiss. It was euphoric and he was very sweet =)

@Seek_Kolinahr Do you think things would be different if you hadn’t waited three months?

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I just remember being really nervous about it, because I knew I would be expected to do it. But, I did it and it went super well. I’m pretty happy with my first kiss and I think she was too.

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I was 12. He was 14. It was more of an athletic event – noses go where- chin tilts how? It was awful, like chewing on a rubber glove. Things improved after that.

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My first kiss happened when I was 12 with my first boyfriend. It was so anxiety inducing to the point where I hardly felt the kiss when it happened. I’m still in contact with that boy today. Nice guy.

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I don’t know – who can say? We were very dear friends long before we began dating. I think the waiting time more helped us realise the cultish absurdity of our then-chosen religion more than encouraged or (as was intended) discourage our relationship.

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It was pretty cool. It was a simple goodbye kiss and I was amazed at how soft her cheek felt.

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My first reeal kiss was with my “girlfriend” when at age 13. We were at the mall and I remember it being a bit gross since she had just had a cigarette earlier.

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Not bad expected better, but that was to come.I was 14 & it happened of all places on the steps leading to the top of Durham Cathedral. :¬x

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14, back stage of my high school theater. I was in my cow costume, she was in her maid costume…

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I’m pretty sure we could Rule 34 that scene pretty easily.

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I am 16 and never had my first kiss:)
I really feel like a strange person:/
Everyone else has kissed except for me:(
But though I say that everyone has done it doesn’t mean that I want or that I am going to do it just because of my friends or anything like that:)

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I was camping with my folks while a friend of theirs had a weekend long party for some reason or another. The neighbor girl came up to me and started talking. She was alright. A little big, but there’s nothing wrong with that. We ended up on her trampoline doing pretty much everything but sex. My first kiss was the same night I touched a vulva for the first time. This is a weird thought I have every so often and I’m okay with it.

EDIT: I forgot to describe the kiss… It was fun, I guess. It wasn’t like a heavy make out session, but it didn’t need to be. She used a lot of lip balm, which was… refreshing.

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Just hopping around the pond, I noticed this gorgeous nimph had landed in my neck of the woods. I burped and belched to get her attention, and upon forgiving my slimy nature, she leaned forward with lips a puckered. I blapped “Wait! Don’t you care how utterly grotesque I am? I’ve been banished to a life of pond scum, unworthy of your elegant presence”.

She smiled, and by her comforting gaze I was smitten. Her love was boundless, effortlessly trespassing against my vulgar jowl.

POOF! I had been awakened. And she crowned me her Prince. A man of mud was I, and knowing tenderness for the first time, I was transformed by her endless charm.

Then the alligators ate her.

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@mazzkat That’s so sad.

Mine isn’t even worth mentioning.

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I had just turned 19, we’d been friends for ages, we were sitting on the sofa chatting and he reached over and touched my hand,and instead of taking his hand away again, he wrapped his fingers round my hand so that we were holding hands. I smiled at him and he reached his other hand over and touched my cheek, leaned forward and kissed me. It didn’t last very long, and it was very soft, gentle, and lovely. We sat there looking at each other and holding hands and that was it. We were more than friends. It really didn’t feel like such a change though, we just moved from being friends to being boyfriend and girlfriend, it felt like it was just supposed to develop like that, it just felt right, and here we are many years later and it still feels right, if I’m honest it feels bloody marvelous :-)
hugs all xx

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I think I was five or six?? We were playing doctors & nurses! (Isn’t it funny how old habits die hard) in my back garden, It wasn’t that important to me but she told me we were married then, then she tried to get me to eat mud pie!!! :-/...

I’ve been getting bossed around by women ever since,, Lol….. ;-)

my first real snog was at the school end of term dance, when I was about twelve, this was also the first time I felt a bra too Incidentally ;-) Lol…….

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I was 15 I think. It was very metallic.

The chick had a lip ring and it was during a showing of Jarhead in the local theater.

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monumental, and quite prolonged.

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There are two kisses I count as my first kiss. One when I was 17, on a cruise ship, with this Irish kid I’d been hanging out with all week. I was really frustrated by this point in my life and just wanted to make out with someone already. So, I was quite disappointed when on the last night of the trip, he didn’t feel well. We sat on these stairs together, just talking, and through a mortifying miscommunication, he had thought I’d been trying to sleep with him. I felt very stupid and we ended up only doing a peck on the lips when it was time to go back to our rooms late at night. I was grossly upset that nothing more happened.

I didn’t make out with a guy until I was 18, at college. My first weekend there, I went out with these 3 really nice guys. When we got back, me and one of the guys got pretty cozy (and drunk as hell), he walked me home, and we made out on the stairs by my dorm building. A guy playing a guitar walked by us singing “My Girl” (it was like, 4 AM). He was the worst kisser I’ve ever experienced. And we never spoke again.

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Mine was in a swimming pool, and the girl was my second cousin. I don’t remember how old we were but pretty young. YOWEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My first real kiss was from an over-sexed 13 year old distant cousin with whom I danced at a wedding. I had agreed to be her escort. She pressed her impressively firm breasts against my chest and kissed me like she had burning urges I did not yet fully understand at that time. I never saw her again after that night.

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Well I would always get into trouble when I was in kindergarten for kissing boys, but that doesn’t count to me as my “first kiss”

I was 12 and he was 14 and I had met him on this like phone chat line and I met him at the mall. He was a bit aggressive with the kiss but it felt nice, his breath didn’t smell and he was soft and sweet all at the same time.

I don’t talk to him anymore and the last time I did he was just about ready to become a daddy.,

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He had been my boyfriend in 8th grade (Junior High). He was the quarterback, I was the cheerleader….but before you kick in the stereotypes…..we both had straight A’s in all classes and the reason we liked each other was that we could talk about art and literature and music. (True story.) He asked me to go steady in November (and I had been prepared because the rumor was flying that he would) and I accepted. Then about three months later, he broke my heart when he broke up with me. I was devastated since he was my first official boyfriend. He was just so special to me.

At the end of the school year, a mutual friend had a dance party at his house. It was a warm end-of-May-night, the patio was strung with lights, the smell of Brut was in the air (lol) and I spent the evening chatting with my close friends and dancing with everyone…but him. The lights were a bit dim, not bright, so it was all very romantic and the hormones of adolescence were raging. (Think “The Wonder Years” because that’s about the right time.)

Then, it came to the last song. I will never forget it. It was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s, “Long as I Can See the Light.” I had given him the album that song was on for Christmas. I had seen him looking over to our group all night and when he started to cross the patio toward where we were sitting my heart just almost leapt out of my chest. He smiled and put his arms around me and we danced a slow dance. He then just pushed me away gently with his cheek to find my mouth and <sigh> it was just as I always had imagined a first kiss to be. It wasn’t a peck, either. It lasted a good bit. My knees were buckling.

Needless to say, I floated home that night. But I always wondered why he had waited for so long. And was it okay to be kissed so passionately when you weren’t together anymore?
(That last thought lasted about five seconds.)

And if you are part of the Fluther and recognize yourself in this description…drop me a note.

(I always wonder about us sharing stories…if one day someone will recognize themselves in these!)

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Why can’t I remember whatsoever who my kiss was with…I feel like it was sometime in middle school…maybe as a result of a dare…or maybe it was on my first date (and last date) with this kid Anatoly…either way, it was just lips on lips, no tongue

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I was 12 years old, and I was at a development where my step dad was power washing houses. There was a guy at the house next door, he was 16. I spent the day hanging out with him, and it became apparent that he was flirting with me. I ended up being over near his house and he kissed me, the kiss was great, but looking back on it I felt foolish and even taken advantage of. He had also asked me if I wanted to go inside and lay on the couch, I was only 12 but I wasn’t naive to what he was suggesting and politely declined. So yea not the best first kiss.

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well i was in 8th grade. middle of the first semester. iliked this boy alot and we started going out. he was taking me to math class it was the day after he asked me out
we were holding hands he turned to me and looked into my eyes then he kissed me it was quick the next day he broke up with me to go back out with his ex…..(we went out for three days he broke my heart) i regret it :(

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