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In your opinion, What was the worst trend of 2009?

Asked by h3llolim3 (90points) July 7th, 2010

Hair teasing, Hollister….

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Unemployment rates and stock prices rising simultaneously.

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I agree with @stranger_in_a_strange_land. I would also like to add men wearing skinny jeans. It’s just bad.

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The price drop on bottled water that only caused more people to buy the darn stuff! Worst trend I can think of….I hate those damn things, the empty bottles are everywhere now!

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The idea that employers get that because everyone is so hard up for a job/to keep their job, they can downright abuse their employees.

That, and the new 3D. I miss watching movies and not getting a headache.

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Swine Flu!

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Paris Hilton?

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Hollister was a trend of 2009? Hollister’s been around for a while…

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Republican block voting against everything no matter who gets hurt in the process.
Sarah Palin continuing to speak in public.

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Some of the worst music ever recorded. i think all the good songwriters have died.

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I dislike emo haircuts and ‘retro hippie’ apparel…Although I those trends are still going on…

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Oh, I forgot to mention Twilight also.

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@amazingme Definitely Twilight. And the hipster thing – more people seemed to care and talk about them in 2009, whereas before they just really only mattered if you lived in Williamsburg, NY or worked for an indie record label.

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Twilight was the worst excuse for a book, not to mention the following accessories and action figures…

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The whole hippie thing is so cliche now.

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