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What's your favorite quick & easy morning breakfast?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) July 7th, 2010

I’ve just discovered organic vanilla lowfat yogurt with raspberries, strawberries, and honey almond granola…. it’s pretty incredible!

What’s yours?

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That sounds delicious. I recently had fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apple and orange covered with natural yogurt. Yum! I should do that every morning.
Normally, I have some special K :/

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“Scrambled Eggies”

A sautéed meat such as sausage in bite-sized pieces with whatever spices you’re in the mood for, sautéed chopped veggies, and scrambled eggs all tossed together. Mmmmmm

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A bowl of cottage cheese and pineapple. Delicious!

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Chocolate milk!

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Crack an egg in a bowl, stir it up, microwave it, and then put it between toast with some cheese.

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Saturday Morning Death Egg Sandwich.
Fry an egg, put it on white bread. Top with American cheese, Pace hot salsa, a dash of Tabasco. Close up the sandwich then fry it on the frying pan until brown.

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Whatever is getting rotten in the refrigerator. This morning I ate a leftover cheeseburger from July 4th.

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I have been on a carrot juice-oj blend with banana whey protein powder lately.

Easy, nutritious and delicious…gets my juices flowing. lol

Raisen english muffins with melted cheese are another fav.

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Golean with fresh raspberries, a little ground flax seed, some oat bran, cinnamon and sunflower seeds, topped by ½ c skim milk. Earl GRey tea brewed from leaves with a splash of milk.

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Nature’s Path Flax Plus cereal with ½ a banana and milk.

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The yogurt fruit parfaits are pretty amazing for breakfast. I make mine with the frozen mixed berries and by the time I get hungry they are thawed and ready to eat. The quickest breakfast for me though are those breakfast cereal bars.

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A 1½ minute poached egg on toast with cheese (muenster is my favorite) and sautéed onion. I generally grill the bread on the same pan as I use to sauté the onion, and melt the cheese on top.

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Right now I am rather fond of a mix of two cereals, Post Trail Mix Crunch with almonds and raisins, and Honey Bunches of Oats. I put some soluble fiber on them, and milk and fresh blueberries. Delicious and good for me. But this morning my wife surprised me with a bagel with cream cheese and lox, so I have some dietary recovery to do later in this day.

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Rum and Coke.

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Toast & coffee, black.

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I almost always have a bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll have oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, and either raisins or dried cranberries. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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Frozen dinners. Just had one this morning as well. Those steam-tray-things, though, not like Kid Cuisine.

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plain oatmeal, mixed with vanilla yogurt,
cinnammon, and fresh fruit
(blueberries or strawberries)


chocolate whey protein shake
blended with a banana,
and some ice cubes :]

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I really never used to eat breakfast everyday, but now I wake up early, get ready and have time to eat breakfast:;D
I always eat either, toast, tea, corn flakes and this week I have been eating a lot of musli!

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@jonsblond YES YES YES! Greatest muffin ever.

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Oh God! I 2nd THAT!

On my list today..thanks for the reminder!

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Chocolate milk. It’s my breakfast everyday.

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Cold night before Pizza or if I can be bothered Fruit & fibre with low fat milk…. :-)

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Pomegranate yogurt, local bakery whole grain bread, grapefruit juice and coffee.
[unless like @Scooby I have cold night-before pizza]

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Special K bars. I also like them for desert!

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Cereal and soy milk. Any kind of cereal will do.

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Fiber cereal, sprinkled cinnamon, some blueberries, horizon organic fat free milk

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High fibre cereal with milk, a fruit and some tea or coffee.
Poppy seed bagel with smoked salmon (lox) and cream cheese.

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And sometmes it’s nice to have something bad and something good TOGETHER, for balance ya know..

This morning was frosted cherry poptarts and cantalope for me. lol

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cheese on toast. Or just toast and marmite. And a cup of tea.

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@downtide what does marmite taste like? I have had a jar for 8 years but been afraid to open it
ybtw your other is a cholesterol mega-bomb just like @mrentropy‘s death egg sandwich [above]—do you have a dual personality?
@jonsblond that is too yummy for just breakfast addiction stuff

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Same breakfast for decades- yogurt, banana, almonds, pecans or brazil nuts.

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Stir it up kiddo…lol

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I put some in the freezer and some in the frig to have choices and there are always new flavors. Sooooo glad I love the stuff.

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@anartist I agree. I’ve had them for lunch and a midnight snack before. I’d make some right now if it wasn’t 150 degrees out. ;)

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Eggie in the hole if I have the time:
Cut a hole in a piece of bread
Put the bread in a pan with some butter
Crack and egg in the hole
Cook until the bread turns brown

I also stop before work to pick up a carrot muffin. And wash it down with a coffee

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@Mtl_zack : awww memories! my daddy made those for me all the time… he always used inventive things to make the holes!

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@jonsblond at the risk of sounding like bob, please make me some too!

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Plain yogurt and instant oatmeal. Coffee coffee coffee!

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way to put a hole in the toast, clay duck method

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Ya can’t beat cold night before pizza! I especially like the hard crusty bit,,,,,, no not my last date!! The edge of the pizza, thin & crispy :-/

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@anartist the taste of marmite is difficult to describe but it’s mainly salty and a bit yeasty. It’s very strong – if you try it, you need to spread it very thinly. I would think an 8 year old jar is probably still safe to eat but the flavour & texture might not be as good by now.

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@Scooby there is never any pizza left over for breakfast when I have pizza. I do sometimes have left-over poppadoms the morning after an Indian meal though.

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Ah yes poppadoms! I remember her well, I popped her dom alright ;-) Gita I believe her name was, Talk about an all day breakfast!
“Full of eastern promise” :-)
Very spicey…....

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Oh I stand corrected! :-/

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(Gita thanks you.)

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Yes she did,, Indeed ;-) thank you too….. x

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@downtide thank you for the tip on the Marmite. I went to look for it, but alas, it seems to be gone.

BTW I forgot to mention the Bailey’s in my coffee.

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Meuslie mixed with a fruity yoghurt (like mixed berries yoghurt maybe). Yum yum. :D
Or chop up a banana (i’ve used other fruit too, but banana is the quickest), put in a bowl, spoon over plain greek yoghurt and drizzle honey over that. Yum yum. :)

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