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How many eggs does a mosquito lay in its life?

Asked by jlatenight (4points) July 7th, 2010

I’m wondering how many off-spring a single mosquito produces in its life

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Since there are over 2500 hundred species of mosquitoes, I doubt there is a simple answer to your question. For example, this site describes the egg laying habits of several common species. This site seems very comprehensive and may help. This is a much more basic site and states that “Depending on the species, a female mosquito can lay as many as several hundred eggs in one batch. She will usually lay one to three batches of eggs in her lifetime.”

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This site says as many as 500. If you figure how many offspring they can have and the short life cycle you get a mess ‘o mosquitoes quickly.

Say each female has 100 in a batch and half of those hatched are females. That means in two weeks there are roughly 101. In two more weeks there 5101, in two more weeks 255,000 give or take.

Kill that little sucker now!

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Well, as in all nature, as long as the parents successfully reproduce themselves ONCE, jobs done. The smaller life forms just get lots of bonus offspring cuz the smaller you are the more everything else wants to eat you.

Bats, other insects, fish eating the larvae, puddles that dry up before the babies hatch…mosquitos have it tough too! lol

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