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Based on test videos, which camcorder is the best?

Asked by Ineedanswersplease (33points) July 7th, 2010 from iPhone

Canon HF R10— YouTube search “darkpivotstudios canon” first result
Canon HF200— “canon hf200 indoor test” first result
Canon HF10— “jimmys canon vixia hf10” first result
JVC HM400— “themadman697 jvc” first result

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I have the Cannon HF R10 and love the quality of the vids, incredible!

kevbo's avatar has extensive test data and reviews of every camcorder.

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HF R10 seems nice, and the running feature works well.
HF200 seems to stutter while recording.
HF10 looks like the quality is not as good as that of the R10, but it’s probably a blurring filter.
JVC HM400 looks better in terms of crispness than any of the others.

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Canon Rebel T2i! I use it for all of our pro stuff and it’s amazing! Like $799, and 1080 30p and 24p and 720 60p.

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For me the top list is: 1st: 1, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 2, 4th: 3

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