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Tumblr: How do I replace my title with an image?

Asked by KekeFufu (10points) July 7th, 2010

I’m using a custom html theme right now:

And I want to change the title to this image:

I can’t seem to find the proper html in which to insert this image…

Your assistance would be much appreciated! :D

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Your link doesn’t work.

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Without seeing the theme in action it is a bit tricky.

But this is what should work.

Find this line <div class=“title”>{Title}</div> and change it to this.

Two notes. Fluther messes up code so I used pastebin. Photobucket also sucks so I used imgur instead.

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@KekeFufu Still doesn’t work – says “deleted” – you are wasting time here. Try your own link after you post in preview – first, please.

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@zenele :: Just replace the #20 with a space to see the image. <—That is the image.

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@johnpowell Thanks Ryan.

That’s 15 minutes I’ll never get back. What’s that stupid image anyways? Neuro something?

I am too old for these youthful questions about computer stuff. Laters.

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