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With the "$600" tax rebate from the government in effort to boost the economy,what will u do with yours?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

with ”$600” from George feeling bad that he messed up the government,what would u do with your money

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Save it. Part of the reason the economy is tanking is because Americans are overextended in debt—both on an individual level, with maxed-out credit cards and houses leveraged to the max, and on a collective level, with soaring federal deficits to pay for military adventurism.

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did you even know he was giving $600 to the people before I posted it on your other comment? Don’t be lame.

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Replace my iPhone for $250 and save the restl for a new camera

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The idea of the rebate is that you’ll spend the money and “stimulate” the economy. But as cwilbur said, I’m also inclined to save it. The problems that face us, come from the fact that we are not saving enough money. If we save more, banks can offer cheaper loans, which could bring more businesses to an area, allow current businesses to expand, or increase the reality market, eventually creating more jobs. That’s a super condensed/generalized idea, but that’s something like how it works. [I think…please correct me if I have understood that wrong] However, I don’t know if giving everyone 600$ to save is going to make that big of a difference

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mcw I did know,my macro economics teacher told us that it would help the economy,I done know how though when 45% of Americans will pay bills with it

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Im gonna put that with what I already have saved and buy a MacBook. I look at it as a 600 dollar knock off of the price! YES!

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its a bad plan and its from congress bush signed it but its their bill it will not fix the problem just make it happen later and most people will save or buy things made in china so who’s economy are we helping

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didn’t we address this once before? Last time I said I would hand all of it out
in five-dollar increments to the homeless people who have absolutely nothing else
out there to keep them alive. Now that the dollar buys so little, I’ve decided on twenty-dollar increments. “Bless you, ma’am.” Bless you, too, sir.. this bribe comes to you from our president, so if you take it, you must promise not to organize, not to complain. (But register to vote if you can.)

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The “stimulus payment” is not 600 across the board, you can recieve “up to” 600, there are a lot of people out there who will recieve 300, possibly less.

If you go to the IRS website, you can see a link for the Stimulus payment calculator near the top center of the page. All you need is the information off a couple of lines of your federal return, and then you’ll get an estimate of how much you can expect to recieve.

As for me, I plan on “stimulating” the economy by getting a remote start installed in my vehicle. But the rest of my return is going to pay off debt…

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the stimulus package is a joke

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