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Keeping pets cool in this terrible heat?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) July 7th, 2010

I know that animals don’t cool themselves the same way that we do… but my poor dogs look so miserable! I’ve been doing the usual things like putting ice cubes in their water bowl and keeping them in the house and out of the sun. But would it cool them down if I hosed them off with some cold water? Or does that not affect them the same way that it does us?

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If you use a misting head nozzle that would work well for your dogs. My dogs love it when I buy them blocks of ice. I have to get them each one or they will fight over who gets to lay on it.

Just make sure the water coming out of the hose is cool. If the hose is in the sun, it can take a while to cool down.

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If they like water, I would. It’s a treat for my dog to play in the water. I turn the sprinkler on and she plays in it til I turn it off. My water bill is going to be astronomical.
I also freeze her kong overnight with some peanut butter in it. It’s a cool treat for her.

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I have the professional one of these which work great when we are on searches in this kind of heat. The one I have uses vegetable oil in the cooling pouches (just keep in AC and they cool right down) which are non-toxic if a dog bites into it. There are also cooling beds that are great for use in the house, car or the dog’s crate (mine have crates in the house and the truck). My dogs also love a plastic kiddie pool filled with water to splash around in or to go swimming at a nearby lake.

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This may be obvious, but make sure that there is some shade that your dog can take advantage of along with some of the other things mentioned above.

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@LeotCol I would never leave them outside in heat like this.. they are inside with us. But we don’t have air conditioning… so they are “shaded”, but that’s about it :)

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My dogs love when I have a fan running at a moderate speed, then stand in front of it with their mouths open. It helps them cool off.

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I have 2 ferrets, who can’t actually sweat at all so are at risk of overheating alot. We use a number of tricks to keep them cool – the ice cubes thing works well, keep with that, misting is a good one as well although try not to get them too cold too fast by just soaking them, we have a fan oscillating to circulate air, we keep a big bottle of water in the fridge for their drinking water as the tap water is a bit warm even if you run it, and we get a wet towel and lay it on the floor for them to lie on and cool off (they like to roll around in it)... tile works well, as does cool lino and such.

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It is a lovely 25C (77F) here today with a light breeze. No major changes in the near future. My dogs are quite comfortable.

Come up to western Canada and visit!

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My dog lies down on the Italian Tile entry way, right in front of the fan.

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@Dr_Lawrence that sounds much nicer than the 95F weather we’ve had this week. Combined with the humidity it’s been absolutely miserable.

So, it DOES cool them off to spray them with water? I really wasn’t sure whether or not that would work. I know that we cool down as the moisture evaporates off of our own skin. I just didn’t know if it was the same for animals that don’t sweat.

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I have a “neighbor” who keeps his two big dogs in the back yard rom early morning to late at night, no matter what the weather. Lately, the temps have been in the high 90s. I HATE it.

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@Austinlad that’s terrible :( I don’t understand why people have dogs if they intend to leave them outside all of the time.

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@TheOnlyNeffie yeah it does cool them off to mist/spray them, but they will warm up again fairly quickly, it’s a temporary solution for when they get too hot. The moisture will cool on their skin just like when we sweat. Plus most animals enjoy being misted, and your dogs will enjoy shaking and misting you back =)

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Hosing them off works fine. That’s what my friend does with her husky when it gets really hot.

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