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Do You Like Fluther Friends More Than Regular Friends?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 7th, 2010

I moved away from all my childhood friends and found some of them on FB. Moved again after my best friend died then found fluther. Now Fluther is affecting any desire I had to make new friends in person. Is this weird? Or do flutherers find that online friends are somehow nicer? Or just easier to talk to.

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They’re cooler than friends. They say it like it is, where friends are afraid.
I’d totally go out for drinks with my fluther peeps

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I think it’s just a matter of it being easier to “talk” online in general.

I like my online friends, but nothing compares to my real-life friends.

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I enjoy fluther for the intellectual stimulation and opportunity to get involved with in depth discussions that my real life friends are not interested in for the most part. lol

I like my real life friends, but most of them are only concerned with themselves, their situations, families, relationships…I am lacking stimulating real life relationships that entertain some of the more interesting and meaningful questions and fluther helps meet those needs.

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I think it’s just a different way to make friends, especially for those of us that stay at home and don’t get out much. I would definitely hang out irl with many people here if they lived in the same area.

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Some of my Fluther frieds are also my face time friends :)

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I think online relationships and relationships with people that you know “in the flesh”, that you have real history with are just different, though I do have one friend that I met online I have become friends with. We have never met in person but we talk on the phone. Also, I did have a friend complain the other day, only half jokingly I think, that I don’t call him as much anymore because I prefer my online friends to my real friends, and that’s not true. My relationships with my friends in real life are the most important relationships I have, but online relationships, online friendships can be compelling in their own way, I think.

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I am down to hang with these peeps. Any time.

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I like my RL friends more in the sense that I know them better and have known them longer. If I were to meet any Jellies in real life and had the same sort of day to day interactions, I think I’d like them just as much.

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I completely agree with @Coloma. While my real life friends are just spiffy, the conversations tend to be on limited topics or fairly shallow.

Just to see what would happen, I’ve tossed out some inspired-by-Fluther conversation topics. Let’s just say the room didn’t catch fire.

and I wish I lived closer to @jonsblond

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@cprevite awww…I can totally see us watching that one show we both like, and eating lots of cookies. :D

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“Let’s just say the room didn’t catch fire.” hahahaha, I hear ya..more like smoke inhalation.

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