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Which pants leg do you pull on first?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) July 7th, 2010

when you put on your pants or slacks, do you slide in your left leg first or your right?

Oh, and how about shoes? right shoe first or left?

Is this a left brain/right brain thing or a left-hand/right-hand something something?

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The right one

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The right for pants . . .

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I slide my right leg in first and when I put shoes on, it’s whatever shoe is nearer.

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@YARNLADY really? i just have to put on the left pants leg first.

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@Tropical_Willie interesting. i had a conversation today with a couple of my battle buddies and both said left first. i start off on the left as well.

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Usually the right leg goes in first. If I’m feeling daring I’ll put the left leg in first. Sometimes I go totally crazy and do both at once.

As for shoes, whichever one seems like it’ll be the most difficult goes first.

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Left leg goes into the pants first, right shoe goes on first. I had to really think about this. lol.

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Might be “interesting”—I’m left and right +++ some things I do right handed and some left handed.

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@Tropical_Willie i’m right-handed, but i put on shoes and the first pant leg on the left. why is this?

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Right leg first for pants. For shoes, it is left sock, left shoe, right sock, right shoe. I think some people put both socks on first.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@chyna I put both socks on before I put my shoes on, so you’re right about that.

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@chyna i do the same. hey, um where have you been these days anyway?

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@charliecompany34 I’ve been here, way more than I should be!

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Left leg in first.

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@Dr_Lawrence thank you! somebody knows what i’m talkin about.

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Hrmm, let me think…, yeah, mommie mommy always starts with my left leg.

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@rebbel Is your mommy left handed?

DarlingRhadamanthus's avatar

None. I don’t wear trousers.

Shoes are interchangeable. Left or right…doesn’t matter.

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Shit, i hate that, i can make a clever remark every now and then but i seem to not understand someone’s reply to it…..
Sorry @chyna , how’s that?

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@rebbel I was playing off your clever remark of your mommy putting on your pants, left leg first. Um, okay, it’s losing in the translation. It was not mean, it was meant to be cute.

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I know you are never mean to me, @chyna .
Didn’t want to pretend i understood your words and then say Hahaha, but yeah, sometimes to translate wit is difficult.
But i know for a fact that you be witty!

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@chyna my battle buddy said the same thing today at work. he was like “how did your mama teach you?” but i dont think it’s something that’s taught. it’s something that is deeper than that, you know?

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Both at the same time. learned this trick as a firefighter in the Air Force.

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@charliecompany34 I agree, I think it is just something you know how to do.

@john65pennington I want to see that! Well, no, maybe, yes, I do want to see you jump in your pants!

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Right leg first when putting on pants. Both socks then shoes.

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@john65pennington dude, that tactic is so cool when you need to get out of a sticky situation other than a fire. been there before. somebody knows what i mean.

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@charliecompany34 No, really, what do you mean? Please explain. :-)

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I remember a certain Jelly (i’m thinking @filmfann)? who told us recently that he slipt two legs in one pant leg (when interrupted in lurve making by a cop).

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pants: right; shoes: depends on which i grab first

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I put on my left pant leg first, then the right. Same for shoes. I balance better on my right leg so it feels more natural to stand on the right and dress the left first.

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@row4food I sit before I put on my pants. Maybe there is a difference because of that. I can’t remember which one went first when I used to be able to balance like that.

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Right for pants and shoes.

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Right almost always.

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