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Is there something that you absolutely hate to wear?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) July 7th, 2010

Socks? Underwear? A tie? A dress? Jewelry?

What do you really hate to wear? And why?

For me, it’s shoes. Hands down. If I never had to wear shoes I would throw the ones I own away and never put them on again. In my opinion even the most comfortable shoes are still uncomfortable. I don’t even like socks.. my feet prefer to be naked.

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I really do not like wearing shoes or socks. I also have an aversion to head scarves or hats.

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Chastity belt. I also hate nylons.

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Bras and high heels. ugh!

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My dress blues when it’s hot outside, it’s long-sleeved and it’s wool…....

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@YARNLADY OH! I hate wearing stuff on my head, too. I didn’t even think of that. I also hate wearing anything on my wrists… I don’t like tight clothes, either. I guess I just feel easily restricted.

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Panty hose. Can’t stand them. And I really, really don’t like wearing a bra. I prefer undershirts and camisoles, unless a bra is an absolute necessity or if I am “entertaining.” :-) And I really hate wearing shoes, though I do kind of have a love-hate relationship with them. While I’m no Imelda Marcos, I have a fair number of pairs of shoes, I like shoes, I just don’t really like wearing them generally. If I never had to wear shoes again in my life, it would make me the happiest girl in the world.

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I agree with the naked feet. i live in the south and us country boys always like to go barefoot in the grass. i wore a police uniform for 44 years. total weight to carry each day was 32 pounds. and that included my underwear and socks. so, i retired and i do not wear much of anything anymore. i am giving my whole body two years of rest.

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Garter belt. :-)

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(or as I like to call them – gotchies)

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@chyna I’d much rather wear a garter belt and stockings than panty hose. I feel like an individually wrapped slice of cheese when I wear panty hose. And in the summer they are just torture.

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I hate having to wear my AFOs (Ankle-foot orthotics) and shoes. I wear slippers whenever I can. When I go out, I can’t get far without “my feet”.

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@lillycoyote I totally agree, pantyhose are sheer torture. I won’t wear them in the summer.

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@lillycoyote I laughed out loud at feeling like an individually wrapped slice of cheese.

I really don’t mind pantyhose as much as I do stockings.

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Clothes. I like my jammies best of all.

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hats and shorts.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Well, different people have different things that bother them. I guess I really have trouble with any kind of clothes that feel binding or too constrictive. I like to feel that there is just a little space between my skin and my clothes, or something like that.

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@tinyfaery love you for that. I could (and sometimes do) wear my pjs ALL day with no remorse.

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I hate anything baggy. I dislike the feeling of having things draped on me.

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I hate wearing shorts, even on a hot day, I’d rather wear jeans.

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@judochop That’s interesting, because, as I mentioned above, I hate anything that’s binding. Your and my discomforts are totally opposite.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

I’m surprised to hear that so many guys dislike shorts. Personally, I don’t wear them. I don’t think they are uncomfortable.. I just think they are really ugly. On everyone. sorry

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I hate hose…..bras really hurt me to put on and take off. Hats
@Dr_Lawrence Come on and show us your legs!!!!

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Pantyhose. I hate those things so bad. The last time I wore a pair was in my sisters wedding, October 14, 2000. If I ever wear a pair again, it will be too soon.

I also hate to wear a bra. I do wear one, of course, but when I get home from work, I take off my shoes and then my bra!

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@knitfroggy GA for knowing the date you last wore panty hose!

knitfroggy's avatar

@chyna Its such a beating to wear those damn things. And when I was the Matron of Honor in my sister’s wedding, in a friggin’ PINK dress, nonetheless, I committed the date to memory! Now that I think about it, that was probably the last time I wore a dress too!

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@knitfroggy Pink or otherwise? Haha

knitfroggy's avatar

@chyna Exactly. I know for sure I’ve not worn a pink dress, but I really don’t think I’ve worn any dress…hell, I don’t even own a dress!

ETpro's avatar

A noose.

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I hate wearing tuques. I never wear them even if it’s like -42 out. I’ll use headbands or earmuffs over tuques any day. And I don’t care if they have cute pompoms on the top, damn you, Canada! :D

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@jazmina88 My legs only show when I or someone else removes my pants.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I hate wearing a bra.

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Anything tight around my neck. Turtlenecks especially, but anything that encloses my throat. I feel like I’m going to suffocate. I always used to put up with collars and scarves and whatnot when it was zero degrees out there, but I didn’t like it. Now I don’t have to.

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I never thought I was so picky, but I keep seeing one more thing I hate on this list. Add: Highheels, turtlenecks, thongs( both underwear and footwear), a noose, tight fitting clothes

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Make-up. I use to enjoy making up my face. But since retirement,
I hate wearing make-up.
Sleep ware…I dislike sleeping in anything.
I also hate bra’s and panty hose.

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Thongs because they make me feel uncomfortable.

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@ETpro Yes, a noose! How could that have slipped my mind? Yes, of course, certainly, I hate them too.

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O.K. Guys, the ball is really in your court now. While the women have not necessarily reached a consensus, opinion seems to be running very high against bras and pantyhose. So guys, really, what is it that you just can’t stand wearing? You can tell us, really, you can. Or what? Nothing you are “forced”: to wear bothers you? Boxers or briefs? Suits, ties, dress shirts? Do you really look forward to “casual Friday” at the office if it only means you get to wear just another uniform; Dockers and a polo shirt?

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It is definitely a toss up between a dress shirt and tie or the Nun’s Habit! Both are a grind when it is this hot out!!

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@lillycoyote Yep. A bondage collar, maybe. But never a noose.

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Thong underwear, to my husband’s dismay.

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My husband is thrilled that I can’t stand bracelets, necklaces and rings (other than my wedding bands). Think of the $$$ that I save him!!

AstroChuck's avatar

My wife’s yellow chiffon dress. It clashes with my red rubber ball gag.

lillycoyote's avatar

@ETpro There really seems to be mixed feelings among this crowd when it come to the noose. I don’t know what that’s all about. :-)

ucme's avatar

Satin knickers & fish nets. Tends to promote unwanted ball chaffing, never a good look.Swing low, sweet chariot.

shpadoinkle_sue's avatar

Shorts. I’ve worn pants in 100 degree weather before and I’d rather be uncomfortable in long pants than shorts.

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I can’t stand long pants or any kind of tight clothes. I see people wearing the “skinny leg” jeans here in the tropics and I think they must be crazy! And uncomfortable shoes, I wear running shoes or keen sandals, that’s about it.

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@rooeytoo- Me too! I hate wearing long pants! I wear shorts 365 days a year. Of course it helps a bit that I live in California.

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I’ve always hated everything about wearing womens clothes, absolutely everything. I’m just glad I don’t have to wear them any more.

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@AstroChuck It’s a good thing you work for the postal service and not law enforcement. ;)

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@jonsblond I knew what that picture would be before I clicked the link. :D

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Almost anything on my feet except for my slippers. Pantyhose, really nylons of any kind, are like torture. Shoes come off whenever possible. I also dislike hats. Hoods and scarves are ok though.

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Anyone say condoms yet?

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Shirts with high collars. Hate them. They look horrible on me.
Clothing to bed. It’s so uncomfortable.
I don’t mind wearing bras, but I only put one on if I’m going out. They’re not healthy for the boobies anyway.

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High heel shoes. Tight jackets that don’t allow me to use and lift my arms any way that i want to. Thick stockings. Skinny jeans (the ones that have no flare at the bottom of the leg).

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Pantyhose- I’ll wear suspender hose or gartered hose instead of the ones that squeeze your waist and belly and butt skin into a shiny sweaty sausage.

Bra- they just suck and I peel it off of me as soon as I’m home.

Pjamas- I like to sleep naked so nothing rolls, binds, or tugs on me aside from snuggle buddy.

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__the ones that squeeze your waist and belly and butt skin into a shiny sweaty sausage__ My thoughts exactly! Perfect description.

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I hate clothes in general. I get nude as soon as I get home, but the worst is thongs

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A yellow and black striped banana hammock.

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@Blondesjon Ha! Indeed, as the avatar photo would suggest.

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