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Why was Adolph Hitler so vehemently opposed to an alliance with Stalin?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) July 7th, 2010

Hitler could certainly have drawn out WWII had he not opened the war on the Eastern Front with Russia. Stalin actually wanted to cooperate with Germany against the West. But Hitler’s hatred of communism wouldn’t let him even form an alliance of convenience with Stalin, which he could certainly have reversed if he were able to defeat the Western Allies. Why was Hitler so against any alliance with Stalin. Was his belief in fascism, and its embrace of corporatocracy the main issue, or did it have more to do with Stalin himself?

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Part of Hitler’s platform in his rise to power involved creating “enemies” of the Reich. One of those was communism. Hitler knew that an alliance with Stalin would undermine support for communism abroad ( which it in fact did ), but he also knew that such an alliance would put the lie to one of his primary pillars of Nazism… the destruction of communism. His need for peace ( however temporary ) on the Eastern Front to allow him to concentrate on Operation Sea Lion ( the proposed invasion of England ) overrode his distaste of communism… temporarily.

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Stalin’s personal “charm” aside, fascism and communism are just so far apart in their core beliefs, they could not be reconciled, even by a lying opportunist like Hitler.

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Hitler had a Napoleonic idea of expanding Eastward, enslaving the Slavic peoples and gaining “Lebensraum” for the Master Race. He believed he could conquer, so he tried. If he had begun two months earlier, and if he had let the Generals prosecute the war without interfering he might have won. Keep in mind that the Brits and the USA did not defeat the Germans; Stalin defeated the Germans.

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Hitler wanted a Great German Empire and that invariably included acquisition of territory in the east.
That and the fact that Stalin was a ‘Communist’ and Hitler hated Communism because it was a ‘Jewish invention’.

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@CaptainHarley So you are guessing Hitler just needed some straw men to whip up the frenzy for war, and communist were a convenient target?

@Dr_Lawrence Well said.

@dpworkin & @ragingloli Thanks. Excellent points.

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Hitler believed that Communism was a Jewish notion. Needless to say Hitler was a Jew hater.

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