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Are you easily offended?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 7th, 2010

I am. I seem to be, that is.

I read back and see what I’ve written here, and I would definitely think that I am – if I didn’t know myself. And I don’t.

Are you?

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I don’t think so… I could be wrong, though.

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Depends on the topic.

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Yes, when someone disagrees with my comments by making it personal and in “that answer is stupid” I take it personally. If a comment says “To me, the answer is (something different)” then I don’t take it personally. I am way too sensitive, because I hate to be wrong.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir No, not really. It depends on you – and how you decide to interpret your feelings about said topic, whatever it is.

(On that high note – are you feeling better, dear? You had me worried two nights ago when we last “spoke” – it’s 5 a.m. Thursday here, btw).

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Oh, @YARNLADY, Was it my comment like a month or two ago about your bunny-ears avatar that made you change it? I hope that wasn’t it, I didn’t know you were sensitive :)

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Not anymore. There was a time when I took things very personally. Not, very little.

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I am offended by ignorance and intolerance and those who promote them. So, I guess yes.

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I’ll say no so I can be all badass, but I’m pretty sensitive actually. I just usually forget it in the morning so it’s not too bad to deal with.

So far, at least on Fluther, the only thing I’m still offended by is that @Seek_Kolinahr thought that I would be offended by the movie Blood Sucking Freaks. XD

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@zenele Let’s just say no, for now but thank you for asking

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Normally, it would take a dump truck load of cow shit dumped on me while in the midst of a wild three way with J-Lo and A-Jo to offend me. That said, I was always mildly nay greatly offended by the gratuitous lurve giving for the questions “askers” when someone tripped over 10,000 lurve. I have calmed on that…thanks to the meta section.

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@zophu No, not you – I am also an exhibitionist and love my bunny ears. It is another user and he knows who he is.

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I’m not sure if the internet can offend me; well, it doesn’t make me angry what people say anyway. Maybe it’s just that no one has been that mean to me yet. I get uncomfortable, sad, and maybe a little defensive when someone attacks me; but I know that the thing I should be most worried about are the people who ignore me. And I can’t really know when that’s the case, so I guess I keep my offensability in reserve no matter what.

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Literally nothing offends me. At all.


Go ahead. Try.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I think you play the stoic to hide deepseeted weakness you have unconsiously convinced yourself you’ll never be rid of.

and your fiddles too small, like Simone says. we all think that.

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I am mildly offended when strangers call me “dear,” “honey,” “luv,” or “grammar nazi.” Or say mean things about Milo.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@zophu deepseated? deepseeted? which way is it?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@gailcalled thank you! – I learn new words every day

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Damn it! I’m not good at being mean. I had it spelled right the first time and was so worried about spelling it wrong I misscorrected it.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir, my fiddle is perfectly adequate. I got the pics to back it up, remember? ;-)

@zophu, you’re kinda cute ya know?

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@zophu: Bearer of bad news here..(Miscorrected is spelled this way, or would be if it were a word. Try “overcorrected.”)

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@gailcalled i’m done typing for a while :(

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: There’s also “long-standing” if you’re tired of sitting.

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Yes, I think I am easily offended. I get my feeling hurt sometimes here, but most days all you folks are pretty friendly and nice.

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Only if the offender is offensive

Jude's avatar

Not anymore.

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I used to be, but now I just shrug off insulting comments.

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It takes a bit to offend me, so I’d say no, I’m not easily offended.

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Yes…only because I find offensive things usually gratuitous in nature and totally unnecessary to the cause and that is where I get cranky as there are so many other choices to be made to express yourself.

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@gailcalled And if one were to call Milo a grammar_nazi, dear? Have I now offended you both in one take – theoretically speaking, luv?

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I am easily offended in life….and sometimes there are comments that send me reeling, you know the feeling…..

but you guys are so supportive, I can take you much easier than family

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@jazmina88 Oh, I reel with the feel, and rhyme all the time. It keeps me sane in the rain. Now I’m fine, most of the time.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That is how fiddle gets’em all the women he lures you in! don’t fall for it :D

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I take things to heart a lot, therefore get offended very easily even if it is not meant to offend. Problem is I get mad when others get offended too easily.

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About a lot of things, no. About certain things, yes.

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Yes—every time I get on this site, I end up in tears.

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It seems like a lot of people said yes to this question. Which makes me worry about what I say… I know that I’m really not easily offended, but I wonder if that makes me less able to screen what I’m saying to be less offensive to others.

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I tend to sound offended when I’m not really all that offended. Used to be, I would take things to heart. Now I just think ‘what a moronic thing to do/say’. I’ll get sad about something before I’m offended.

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Normally I am offended very easily, but I have yet been offended on this site, so no.

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Nope! There are those however who seem to thrive on being so. I like to refer to them as POP’S, Professionally Offended People.Still, never mind hey.

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@shego You seem to be short, funny looking and your breath smells.

Edit: @ucme I am a bit of a POPS – as opposed to MOMS Morons of Monumental Size.


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I don’t get offended, I get annoyed!

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I don’t get mad – I get even.

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@zenele Aww bless, large woman your mother is she? ;¬}

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^ Not understanding. Please translate to US coloquialisms.

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At least I’m not the only one that unintentionally read “Moms of Monumental Size”, originally.

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@zenele if you read the “about me” on my profile page, it clearly states ” Don’t make fun of me because my mother gave birth to a funny looking child. ”
And as for the breath part, you right I just woke up
Good morning!

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I’ve come to learn that being offended provides very little benefit to oneself, so why would I continue to let words from random people provoke any type of negative response in myself? I am very confident in my opinions and words. This confidence acts as a shield and also helps me remain grounded in reality.

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Yep. I cry really easily too. Be nice to me!

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@Facade – I gave you a GA so you won’t cry!

@zenele -omg PLEASE go back to the Picard avatar!

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