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Which glove do you put on first?

Asked by josie (28690points) July 7th, 2010

Somebody asked which pant leg I put on first. In my case right. But on reflection, I realized that I put on the left glove first. Interesting. Wonder why not right, like the pants? How about you?

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The right one.

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are you right handed?? you use your dominant hand first to put on the left glove??

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Normally, the one I find first. They have some trouble staying in the same place.

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I put on both the right leg and hand first.

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Left one, but then it’s left leg, left shoe too, and I’m right handed. But I agree with @papayalily too. My pants are really the only thing always found together, if found. I shouldn’t have to exercise with all the searching I do everyday.

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Left glove
I am ambidextrous.

I write as badly with one hand as I do with the other!

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Right one.

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If they are together, whichever one that is picked up 1st. If they are in separate coat pockets, I’m pretty sure the left one 1st.

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No glove, no love.

Just one glove for me – and I don’t mean the Michael Jackson look.

If it’s really important: the left – which means I’m a righty, I guess. Just as if you have the belt buckle on the left side, it usually means you’re right-handed (according to Sherlock Holmes, anyway.

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Left shoe, left pant leg, left glove. I put on my clothes from the left. I even play guitar left. I eat with my left. I brush my hair with my left hand. I catch with my left hand when I play baseball, and I’m a better batter left. I was a left striker on my association football team in high school.

But I write with my right hand.

Go figure.

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@aprilsimnel You have a bit of (very healthy indeed) ambidexterity.

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My maternal grandfather was truly ambidextrous, as he was equally adept at tasks with both hands. I think I’m more of something called mixed-handedness or cross dominance.

Test yourself here!

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@aprilsimnel Nice link. I’m a left handed -0.2. I guess we adapt.

Oh, and I put on any glove I pick up first.

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@aprilsimnel – Fun link! I’m left handed -0.3, which doesn’t surprise me.

I typically put on my left glove first and have no idea why!

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