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When pronouncing the word "Either", do you say E-ther or I-ther?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) July 7th, 2010

I say I-ther.

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i-ther, also. then I say n-i-ther for neither, as well.

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I say ee-ther. As for what is proper, either one is correct.

Now a question for you regarding the word horrible.
Do you say hor-ible or do you say har-ible?
I say the former. But it seems to me that most on the east coast say the latter.

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I say I-ther and NI-ther as well as EE-ther and NEE-ther but not at the same time. If comfortable with either!

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E-ther.. I live on the west coast.

It might help to gather where people are from.

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I said ee-ther for the first twenty years of my life. Then one day in my sophomore year of college I started saying i-ther. Strange. Now i-ther and ni-ther are totally natural.

As for har-ible, this one interests me. My mom says it, and also far-head, Flarida, and ar-ange. She’s from Maryland. I don’t think it’s an east coast thing though, since I live in the east coast and i still find it weird. Hm.

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I’ve pronounced it “eether” my entire life. So do my parents and most people I know. People in Vegas and the Bay Area seem to say “eether”.

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I use both. There are a handful of words that I alternate between pronunciations. Unfortunately I can’t recall any others at the moment.
Maybe that’s because I’ve lived on the east coast for 7 years, before I came to the west coast.

I say horrible, orange, and creek. Not harbl, arnge or crick.

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…let’s call the whole thing off.

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I say both, it just depends on who I’m talking to.

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Like @Sarcasm, I pronounce either and neither both ways. Another word like that for me is Caribbean. I’m from Maryland, and I don’t do that horrible thing that @AstroChuck mentioned. ;)

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Second one.

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I pronounce them either way. LOL @Sarcasm, brings back memories. Don’t forget Oregon! ;)

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I-ther. and Ni-ther

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An Eider duck (from which came the eiderdown – which then morphed into the quilt or duvet) is pronounced I-der duck. My dad told me this and became an enthusiastic I-ther person. then, suddenly, i found myself saying ee-ther to people. Why? I have no idea. (that was I-dea not ee-dea). I still prefer I-ther but still occasionally lapse.

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I say ee-ther. And if it makes any difference I’m English.

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Both! Which ever first comes into my mind i guess, haha.

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Depends on where I am. London or Kansas City for example.

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@mattbrowne- I’d have thought you would have pronounced it entweder.

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