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How long can I keep and eat sliced turkey from the deli?

Asked by chyna (46027points) July 8th, 2010

I bought a pound of sliced turkey from Kroger deli on June 26. Is it still okay to eat? There is no date on the package.

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From the deli, they sliced it, not in a package that is sealed like Oscar Mayor. Sorry, you have to throw it away, it is too old.

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I wouldn’t.

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Here is a general answer about refrigerated meat. if the meat feels slick, throw it away. this has long been a standard in my household, expiration date or not.

Chuck the turkey and buy some more. its not that expensive.

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Thanks guys. I’ll pitch it. I was just trying to get out of going to the store.

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I stopped buying from the deli because of cleanliness issues as well as not knowing how old or how long the meat had been opened. When I did buy from the deli, I always asked that they open a new package of meat from which to slice mine. If they wouldn’t, I would not buy it. When my deli stopped having separate slicing machines for meat and cheese, I completely stopped buying there. I’ve read (more than once) that it’s a safer bet to buy prepackaged deli meat; that’s what I do now.

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That’s a bit on the long side. I usually give deli meats a week or so after being cut. If it smells ok it might be worth it, but many bacteria don’t give off a discernible odour so this is not necessarily reliable. If it’s slimy at all, it goes right into the trash.

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@perspicacious I never thought of doing that. I’ll ask them the next time I buy deli meat.

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Deli meat. One week at the most.

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I can’t remember where I read this, but I’ve seen it multiple times: Sliced lunch meat from the deli is only good for 3 days.

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I threw it out and bought Oscar Myer this time. No more deli meat for me.

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After reading this, I am only going to buy prepackaged meat. But you know it is usually cheaper per pound to buy a steak than the processed lunch meats. I think I’ll just have steak from now on!

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