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How big is too big for a health-related product to carry around?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 8th, 2010

I’m doing a little survey to better understand how people feel about carrying products around on their person/body. The product is a heart wellness device that is about the size and shape of a golf ball but with some rubber portions so it’s gripp-able and easy to hold. It’s something you could maybe put in one of the pockets of your cargo pants, purse, gym bag, or on a keychain. Because it isn’t flat, it can be easily pocketed in dress pants or jeans. I mean you could but there would be a bulge. From a retail, consumer, ergonomic standpoint, in terms of size, I think it’s most similar to a cell phone or maybe a small flashlight. Can you think of any other objects this size that people carry around? If it was something that kept you healthier, how reluctant do you think you’d be to buy it and carry it with you if it was less easy to pocket? In other words, if it was something you’d have to put on a keychain attached to your keys, bag, or beltloop; or carry in a purse or bag, but it kept you healthier, how reluctant would you be to purchase it?

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I would wear it under any of three conditions:
1. It’s out of sight; maybe under a hat.
2. It’s chic to wear it; branding is your job
3. My life depends on it; then to hell with public opinion.

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I would only carry a medical device for a life threatening condition. My brother had an oxygen generator machine that he pulls around on a little rolling cart. If his oxygen was small enough to wear like a fanny pack it would be better.

I don’t carry much of anything around with me, but an external pace maker type device might be acceptable. The price is more important to me. For instance, I could use hearing aids, but I won’t get even the smallest ones, because they cost too much.

I wear eyeglasses, and I always choose the largest lens area I can find because I can barely see.

To answer more clearly, size wouldn’t be that important to me, but necessity would be.

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Some people carry the Ruger LCP It is a god size.
It goes into a pocket easily. Items larger than this get left at home.

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First of all, I wouldn’t carry my Pilates machine around, that’s for sure. :)

I think that it depends on the item. If it is something that will help my heart, and it is imperative that I carry it around, as in “my life depends on it”...I wouldn’t care what it looked like. But still…if it was a tacky colour, if it was really obvious…I would still use it, but I might be a bit red-faced about it.

So, if you have already manufactured it and cannot make it flat and oval (say) and it is like a golf ball….make it in different colors (grey, red, black even pink, maybe…but not flourescent maybe a coral) and market them as fashion forward accessories…not just a health machine. Boomers like nice packaging and I am guessing that is your target market? Just like cell phones/Ipods are in different colours, I think that’s a way to go. Make them an accessory….that is “cool” looking, not just another piece of medical equipment.

Also definitely make it so that it can attach to clothing or to a purse because putting it in your trouser pocket (from what you say) might be too much of a bulge. And where would a woman put it? If she was wearing a dress or skirt or trousers without pockets? It must be a) attractive b) easy to carry around on your person (so that you don’t leave it everywhere you go).

(Some thoughts.)

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I don’t wear nothing on me, like iPods (and headphones) or other gadgets on my body, except from my keys, my tobacco and my cell phone, which are all in my pockets.
But i see a lot of people who do wear those things on their bodies so i would guess that those people don’t care to have something that is good for their health to carry as well?
If i were dependent on a thing like what you talk about, i would carry it with me if it was pocket sized.

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a dialysis machine.

seriously, its awkwardness is not its size but its roundness, its lack of slimness. If carried in a pocket perhaps inserted in the center of a smoothly tapered rectangular piece of foam. Other possibilities, carried on a belt-loop like a pager, or on a chain around the neck, or in some sort of purse/bag/carryall. It is a good idea to put it in a bag one can become separated from?

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Some people wear sunglasses on a lanyard and hang them around their neck. That might be an acceptable model. Something hung around the neck – it has to look cool.

I also carry a camera from time to time – mine is bigger than what you’re suggesting. And when I carry the camera I have a case slung over my shoulder which is even bigger. I’m always concerned that the camera bag looks like a “man purse” but I need it so I put up with it.

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@6rant6 Oh NO! A ManPurse! Worse than a Mangina!

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Your question is interesting but your survey methodology is inadequate to answer the questions you have. If you want to discuss improving your methodology, contact me directly.

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It really depends on what it does. If it keeps me alive like pacemakers and oxygen, I’m ok with it – although it helps a lot if it’s small and not hideous. But if it’s more in the realm of a vitamin, not so much. I’d need to know a lot more about it.

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Ease-of-carry is, overall, the most important thing beyond basic functionality. Routine health needs to be as automatic in a person’s life as possible. Making this thing easier to carry would reduce stress on the routine, thus increasing the threshold of tolerance the user would need to remain within to keep using the product.

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@pallen123 Personally, so long as I can carry it in my backpack size and shape wouldn’t be too critical. I carry most things that way because I learned a long time ago that a man’s wallet can only store so much. I’m all for practical use, etc.

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If I could carry it in my handbag as I do my celly then fine. My celly is the largest item in there aside from my coin purse. On a man, I imagine it could go on a belt loop as some sheathed or tubed pocket knives do.

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