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Got 500GB of network space available. Find a use for it!

Asked by martijn86 (393points) July 8th, 2010

I just dusted off and reformatted a 500GB portable harddrive and hooked it up to my Airport Extreme. Cool now I have 500GB’s of fast network storage with accounts and everything…

Now I just need to find a proper use for it.

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I use my attached storage to back up my server. I have two external bare drives, and a dock. After a backup, I take one drive to a friend’s house, and insert the other. That way, if there is a fire, the most I can lose is one week of files.

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Media center hub? Store tons of movies/songs/pictures on it. Connect the HDD to the living room TV & have a large catalog of instant media at your disposal. Am I understanding the question/situation properly? Would this work for you?

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Portable hard drives are the best way to exchange media with your friends, even if you leave half of it empty for receiving and fill half of it with stuff to share that’s 250GB of nice new media! It kind of defeats the purpose of having it networked up and all, but that is what I would (and do) use mine for.

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I use my 1 TB networked drive for system backups, media storage, long term storage of downloads and infrequently accessed data.

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Use it as a backup drive.
And, if you do such things, save movies on it.
And if your laptop doesn’t have enough room for the work you do [nime doesn’t, I do large data graphics work] take it with you to augment your drive.

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I’d use it for backups, which would consequently make it a little media hub since I keep all my music and movies on my MacBook Pro.

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I would just fill it with music.

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Thanks all, I’ve got a system back-up covered and for music I use Spotify. Porn will be on there sooner or later ;)

But I’ve got a software filesync application! So within my network, the disk acts as a free 500GB dropbox account utilising the full network speed to sync al changes on different PC’s hourly. (If i have it figured out, it will sync on shutdown/log-off)
The difference with this and a back-up is that, when I boot a PC, it will also GET new files and changes from the disk, made on another PC.

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