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How can I create a button for Windows Live Messenger for a website?

Asked by x3m (36points) July 8th, 2010

I would like to create a button for my blog so that when its clicked, it opens/adds my Windows Live Messenger ID to the persons own WLM, as a new contact. Or a command that when clicked opens a conversation with me in WLM.
Any idea how to?
I would also like something like this for Skype (I already found the button to talk to me on Skype, on the Skype website, but not one to add me as a contact). But WLM is more important.
Hope I was clear… if not just tell me and I’ll try to explain better what I’m looking for.

Any opinions or ideas would be great! Thanks!

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Create an image you want in a graphics editor. If it’s a simple button with no continuous tones, reduce colors to 16 colors and save it as a GIF file. If it has continuous colors (as photos and watercolor paintings usually do) save it as a JPG at no more than 96 nor less than 72DPI.

To add your button to a page, you need to wrap it in a link to Windows Live Messenger, then use HTML and CSS to position it on the page. You’ll need to upload your graphic to your server, making sure the <img src…> uses the correct addressing to reference its location, and modify your page to include the required HTML.

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OK, sorry… guess I wasn’t clear. What I need, is exactly the necessary HTML code for the button.
Make the image for the button, upload it etc…. I know how to.
But thanks anyway ETpro ;D

Any other suggestions ?

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Aha. If you log in to your account, you will probably find a link that will take you to a block of code for just such applications. I can’t swear to it, because I don’t use the app. But that is how most of those sorts of apps support viral marketing.

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Do you mean somewhere visible inside the app itself? Or the webpage? I dont think so… I use it for a long time and never seen it… and theres nothing on google about it either, only old codes that dont work, or aren’t acessable anymore….


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@ETpro Try the webpage. I doubt the Help files have it, but it’s worth a try within the app. If none of that works, you can test making a link and just using the native file extension. That should launch the program on browser’s machines iof they have it installed.

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