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How does Fluther determine the capitalization of topics?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) July 8th, 2010

I’ve noticed that regardless of how I capitalize words when I’m choosing keyword topics, they often appear with a different capitalization scheme in the actual question. My guess is that the first time a topic is used, that sets the capitalization in a database which will use the same capitalization (or lack thereof) every time thereafter.

Does this mean that if I was to use StUdLy CaPs for a topic, and it was the first time that topic had been added, that every time it was used thereafter it would appear in StUdLy CaPs?

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It is possible, or there may be a standard form to which they are converted.

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I, too, guess that it takes the capitalization used by the first person to use the topic.

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Interesting. I never noticed. Although if Fluther uses Unix, does it matter?

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I have noticed some weird capitalization of topics and even sometimes a topic listed with and without capitalization. I have also seen topics misspelled such as “happyness.”

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@janbb not ‘a ppi:niss?

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@anartist ‘appen it might

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@bob_ Aha! Excellent, experimental data confirms our hypothesis.

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@SmashTheState Indeed.

Now go make me a sandwich.

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