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What type of containers do you book collectors use to move your books?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

Admittedly, I am a book-lover. But this love becomes a pain when I move from apartment to apartment. I’ve tried cardboard boxes, plastic rubbermaid bins…

Are there any other options I’m just not aware of? Or any suggestions about how I should pack them?

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i usually use a combination of those plastic milk crates and cardboard boxes. i will also try to split them up into boxes with other things so that no one box is too heavy to pick up once it’s all taped up.

i’m moving in two weeks and i was staring at my stacks of books last night dreading having to pack them up. i think it’s the next thing on my list.

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wooden crates + sherpas.

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either a laundry basket or a travelling trunk. travelling trunks can fit A LOT of books.

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I use small cardboard boxes so they’re not too heavy… and hired movers if I have a ton of stuff to move.

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cardboard boxes from bookstores most are a good size/weight to carry, plastic milk crates and cardboard beer boxes. Before you pack to move, pack to lighten you load and take easy to find/easy to replace books like novels and pop non-fiction to the used bookstore or thrift store- you won’t miss them and if you do they are easy to find/replace

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I agree just use a cardboard box

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Small cardboard boxes mostly (A4 paper boxes are handy), but I’ve resorted to carrier bags bought in bulk.. not ideal.

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I use 18 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck storage boxes. They’re tough plastic, and hold quite a few books. Full of books, they can get pretty heavy. But, you can move 4 of them at a time with a hand-cart. I like these boxes because when the lid is securely in place, you don’t have to worry about weather or humidity affecting your precious books! I recently had to have several boxes of books to sit in a non-climate-controlled storage unit for over a year. When I unpacked my book, I did not have a single casualty! Big PLUS – after the moving is over, these plastic boxes make for some great storage for seasonal items!

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