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Is the "Made in China" logo about to come to an end?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 8th, 2010

For years, China has been known as the country for cheap products, cheap labor and a haven for business profits throughout the world. is “Made in China” about to be just a memory? the people of China are now demanding higher wages and a cut in the profits and rightly so. since, 2008, the Chinese labor force has steadily asked for more money and benefits. this has caused many Chinese-based factories to pull out of China, looking again for cheap labor. some factories are actually coming back to the United States. thats great! Question: if Chinese labor forces are paid higher wages, how will this effect WalMart and other big U.S. department stores that depend on China for that special label, “Made in China”?

Source: AP

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It has also been argued that China has kept the RMB artificially low, allowing them an unfair competitive advantage with regards to foreign trade. To address your question, I would suspect many corporations will find other sources for cheap labor in Asia, South America, (possibly even Eastern Europe and Africa?).

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Naturally if Chinese labor forces request higher wages the overall prices for goods will rise once again. Having products “made in China” was a result of greed in the first place. Greed will find another source rather than put people to work in their own country.

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Perhaps it will go the way of “made in Japan.”
Remember those cheap little paper fans and other meretricious trinkets of the 50s?
[well, they existed]

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