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Youtube. A lovely place and noun, now a verb: How do you youtube? Details.

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 8th, 2010

I like to go to Youtube and… See! It’s far easier to just use it as a verb – like googling – or to google.

I youtube by searching the name of the song and always add with “lyrics” – I’m a word guy.

Here’s my last search with youtube, or, what I have Youtubed lately.

Read the lyrics, too: your thoughts on the song, singer or on grammar issues – thanks!

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I youtube the latest funny videos, extreme weather, music, and small documentaries.

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^ Excellent.

Please follow @blackberry’s lead, jellies. It’s social but I can still flag your asses. ~

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I Youtube usually as a last resort, for when I wanna listen to music and I can’t find it anywhere. But I also Youtube a lot of random laughs

I also admit I only answered this to present some random videos I like. :D

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The latest thing I youtubed was the Smoking Baby

The funniest thing I youtubed was a dildo the news.

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if youtube needed commercials “How do you youtube?” would be their slogan.

oh god my ears. why

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I youtube my videos on youtube (I’ve never used it as a verb)

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I youtube videos on farming, yarn making, animal slaughter. Sounds grisly, but it’s the way I learn how to do it right and humanely. Also, I youtube tons of Judge Judy. It’s my one guilty pleasure in life.

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@zenele Lol, I’ve had dental tx for two hours today…I can show you pieces of my gum that were cut out in order to get this particular filling done….then you can call me grumpyfish

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Pics or it never happened @Simone_De_Beauvoir Feel better, luv.

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Chyna just PMed me if I know that song. Oh, do I. I even play it on guitar for my kids all the time. They hate me for it.

I also like this one.

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I youtube songs all the time

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I youtube songs, funny videos, and commercials. I find it a great place to find good quality videos ever since YouTube started hosting HD content. It has been a great experience.

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