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Do ever wish you were another race?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) July 8th, 2010

I wondered if I was another race instead of what I was born with, would that make a difference to my life? Like in social reationships and in job opportunities?
Do you ever think about that and would you want to be different?

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I kinda wish I was from Norway. It’s a fascinating country, but I guess I can’t really elaborate why, at least, not in short.

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I am not dissatisfied with my race, but sometimes I wish I could belong to the alien race when I see what the human race is turning into. I’d be a little green person any day.

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I learned today on Fluther that, when it comes to people, there is no such thing as “race”, as you mean it. We all fall into the species category of Homo Sapiens. I looked it up, and it is true.

@Symbeline Norway is a country, so people from there would claim it as their nationality.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Ya I kinda figured that.

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Whenever I’m supposed to dance.

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I wish I was from another country, but still Black. I’d love to have a different accent.

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I would like to belong to a different species. Humans, by and large, are an embarrassment! In that other species, skin colour would be of no significance.

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Yeah. Sometimes I wish I was human.

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Nope, i’ve never wished that. I’m happy being the race that i am now.

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@Facade, but you could! We can’t change our skin or eye color or our height or skeletal structure, but we sure can change our speech. Look at the actors who have mastered a variety of accents. You can learn to speak any way you want.

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Ooh ooh, can I pick the hurdles please? Well I do get a bit jumpy sometimes.

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we are who we are by the laws of chance! I could have been real lucky and been my dog!

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@Jeruba I’d have to move to another country lol. I’m so Americanized and horrible with accents. My voice is very regular lol

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I’m interested in it- but I think that’s to escape my own white guilt. Then I think about how I have this opportunity to make change from within this system and I feel it’s part of my responsibility to be a part of the change I so want to see. So, even though sometimes I’ve thought about it- I’ll work with what I have.

although being an alien would be pretty cool too

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Is this a joke? Nope.

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My younger brother and I both went through a phase as children when we wished we were black. It was all because of the family next door, whose dad was our doctor and a very cool guy. He drove a red Corvette, which in and of itself made him awesome in our eyes. He had five kids, all of them older than us and rather tolerant when it came to the hero-worship of the little kids next door. When one of his sons found my bike after it was stolen, he forever won a place in my heart. I was old enough to know I would never be anything but a freckled white girl, but my little brother had a harder time understanding it. I remember him telling my mom he wanted to be black when he grew up. My mom explained that people don’t change skin colors and he would always be a freckly redhead. He was so upset, he started crying.

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When I was a kid I used to wish that I was from East Asia. I thought (and still do a lot of the time) that the women from East Asia were very beautiful. I don’t so much wish I was another race now, I’m happy with the strange little mix that I am.

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A few times I have thought briefly, in a fantasy, about being a different ethnicity and nationality: Japanese. I wanted to go to train in the martial arts in Japan, which is nigh on impossible at the level I wanted if you are not Japanese.

I have also wanted off and on through my life to be white for long enough to see if things are different as observation has shown me that they would be. For that matter, I would like to be black (or anything else) for an equivalent time for the experience.

To be a different ethnicity/race for my whole life, no… I have never wanted that.

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Yes. I always wanted to be a “white” person so I could blend in and attract attention only when I wanted it. It would have also put an end to the questions of “what are you anyway?”. I joke with my bf who is “white” that he is the the default race, the one no one is suspicious or afraid of. I tell him he’s the non offensive, non descript happy “white” man that customers breathe a sigh of relief at when they see him. It’s funny but it’s not.

As a “white” person then everything about you is deemed the accepted norm. Your outer and intimate skin shades, hair texture, tooth shape. Few people hesitate on their attraction to or comfort zone with a “white” person. Just my 40 some years of observation and experiences.

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