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What do you do during a black out?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 9th, 2010

A crazy lightning storm hit my neighborhood and my lights were out 15 hours. I took a nap, got up and lit candles, went and grabbed a bite, played piano, brushed the pup (the detail work will come today, since I couldnt see) and played plants vz. zombies til the battery died. the house only got up to 74.
Would you leave and get into a hotel with a pool and a bigger TV?
Stick it out? Go stay with family? (Heaven forbid!!)

My neighborhood is always the last to come on. sometimes it’s days…....

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Read by candle light:)

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Turn on our lantern, crochet, catch up on sewing, play Pass The Pigs (not a euphemism) with Hubbs, play some music. We’ve been without power for up to two weeks thanks to a freak wind storm. It was interesting. Once everything was back on it was shocking how loud everything was and we just never noticed.

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Yep…Ike was crazy…...Those storms today hit my neighborhood hard @gemiwing.

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Enjoy my tactile sense.

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Murder in the dark? Yay!!

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I don’t know, that’s why they call it a black out!

Play acoustic guitar, eat, drink, avoid opening the fridge, talk…

Candles work, but I appreciate the darkness when the power goes out at night. There are always some lights on, so I like when it is pitch black every once in a while. It makes me think of how it was before electricity…

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I would not go to a hotel.
When I’m without power I enjoy the silence. I read by candlelight, garden, go to bed early, grill my dinner outside, play board games or cards.

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One of the greatest things about having hobbies that don’t rely on electricity is that when situations like this occur your normal routine is rarely changed. Plus it’s nice to be able to take your hobby with you or go outside with it. Such hobbies of mine include spinning yarn, playing guitar, carving stamps, playing Carcassonne, hand-quilting, writing drafts for future blog entries, and then all of the animals don’t need power to work so going and visiting them for snuggles is a great thing to do in a blackout.

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Light some candles and read a book. Now that i’ve got my husband playing Scrabble with me, i would do that too. :D

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Finish off the ice cream in the freezer.

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Drink all the beer in the fridge before it gets warm and then do some amazing things!

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build a fire and roast marshmellows or hot dogs! Invite the neighbors over!

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Oh yes! Roasting marshmallows with candle flame works equally good. You gotta have something to eat during a black out. :D

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uh, ex cuse a tat me….marshmallows!

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Close my eyes real tight, ‘cause I get scared.

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I would stick it out for a while and if it got unbearable I would go and stay with grandparents. They love having company.

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I don’t recall there ever having been a blackout since I was a small child. I would light a few candles and probably play guitar. If it got to be more than 24 hours I would stay in a hotel though.

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Sex. Lots and lots of sex.

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light some candles, read a book or listen to music ‘till my mp4’s battery is dead

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Well ya @zenele , isn’t there usually a rise in the birth rate 9 months after a blackout?

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Oh yeah, baby. And I contribute to the best of my ability. Now accepting applications for the next blackout. I aim to please.

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Talk with the wife…
Fix a couple of drinks…
Talk some more with the wife….
Fix a couple more drinks…
Keep talking with the wife….

Repeat as necessary….

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Oh man I loved blackouts when I was little. Mostly I used to colour in colouring books by candlelight, but once my parents let me go play out in the yard, it was all dark and creepy and magical.

Of course, today I might look odd doing things like that, so usually what I do is go out on the porch and check out the storm with a smoke, if there’s a storm, or if not, hope that the battery in my DS or PSP didn’t die yet.

There’s hardly blackouts here though, I haven’t been in a real one for so long. Today they usually last like five to ten minutes.

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Light the kerosene lanterns and/or candles.

Fill available vessels with water while there’s still some in the pipes, ‘cos the well will be out (it’s run by electricity).

Stand outside and groove on the utter blackness.

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