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Should we remake the movie "Dave"?

Asked by syz (35647points) July 9th, 2010

I have an idea for the remake of Dave – tell me what you think. Sarah Palin gets elected to president, but rather than dying, she’s declared mentally incompetent (or gets gored by a moose – I’m still working on that one). In order to prevent a scandal, Tina Fey is secretly installed as her stand in, and actually does a better job. Of course, to offset any suspicion, Fey would still need to do the occasional appearance, which allows for a sight gag – the “fake” SNL could be filmed in a studio that includes the set for the “fake” moon landing. There’s a prime opportunity for another joke concerning unwed, underage mothers…

Anyone have any scene suggestions? A way to tie up the ending (the love story in “Dave” just doesn’t translate). Just for fun, let’s see what we can come up with!

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Have her declared mentally incompetent, and somehow escape from where she is held. She screams about what has happened to her, in the frothiest of ways. After people are used to Tina Fey, they decided that the real Sarah is crazy, and decide she is too crazy to be prez.

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Now, “A Boy and His Dog”. That is a remake that needs to be done. :-)

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As long as we can get Kevin Kline and Ving Rhames. They were both really good in Dave. :-)

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I love the humour inherent in your parody idea but “Dave” is too good to spoil with a remake.
I will try to contribute ideas to your concept just the same. (later)

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So Tina Fey would play Palin in the movie, and who would play Tina Fey?

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Why don’t we remake Manos, Hands of Fate while we are at it.

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