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What's a cold, portable adult beverage I can bring to a "Margaritas on the Beach" party, other than a Margarita?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 9th, 2010

Tonight, the complex that i live in, which is on a lake, is having a “Margaritas on the Beach” party. They are providing food and mix for Margaritas. It’s BYOB, you can bring tequilla or whatever you want to drink. I am not a big drinker, so i don’t want to buy a bottle of tequilla and make two drinks or three drinks from it, and have it then collect dust in my kitchen for years to come.

What is something I can bring, maybe a pre-bottled drink, that is alcoholic but is something other than tequilla. Wine coolers? Something else?

Please suggest something that would go with a night time summer party on the beach.

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sex on da beach!

1½ oz vodka
½ oz peach schnapps
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz orange juice

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In Canada the LCBO sells individual margarita and daqueries in a tetra pack. Just store them in the freezer, cut the top off and slip into a nice glass. This would save you from buying a bottle of tequilla that you don’t sound like you will use. I’m sure that theya are available in the US as well.

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bahama mama
I love this drink.

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Make a small batch of sangria and tote in in a thermos. You can use airline bottles so you don’t waste money.

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Buying a bottle of Tequila is a waste. If you are not much of a drinker, bring club soda. It goes well with the margarita mix and no one will be able to tell you’re not drinking. You can “borrow” a splash of tequila from the guy sitting alone by the cooker. .

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@Seaminglysew Good suggestion about alcoholic coolers.
@gemiwing Good suggestion about the airline-sized bottles.

You could also offer to chip in with a neighbor for a bottle of liquor and then let them keep the bottle, if there is any left over.

Or..if you don’t want to drink, why not just take sodas or the juice of your choice?

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Red wine sangria! Make it right and you can’t taste the alcohol, but it’ll still get the job done.

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Vino Verde.

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Ditto on the Sangria. I like white wine sangria, but the sentiment is the same. Tastes good, refreshing with a sneaky kick that requires a little caution.

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@josie We were doing white for a while, but reds usually have a fuller flavor and higher alcohol content. The white sangria was more refreshing though

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Almost anything tall with a straw.

I like half red grapefruit juice half cranberry juice with lots of ice. Turns out to be a pink colored drink, looks tropical. You can add vodka if you want, but I would not bother.

Also, club soda lemonaide is very good. You can use the lemonade powder, it doesn’t taste very fake or sweet with the club soda and float a few lime slices in there for a more festive look.

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Tinto de Verano! It’s what we drank as teenage exchange students in Spain. One part cheap red wine, one part lemon or orange fanta. Mmmm.

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