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Does having children cause you to recall childhood memories that would have otherwise remained forgotten?

Asked by jfos (7370points) July 9th, 2010

We forget many things from our childhood. Sometimes we will hear or see something that reminds us of something that we wouldn’t have remembered otherwise.

Does having kids bring on a lot of these memories, ones that would have stayed forgotten?

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For me yes. I’m always saying to my kids, “I just remembered…” they love hearing the stories from mom’s teenage years!

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For me it seems to. It happens when I’m around children in general though, not necessarily with my own son. I think it really can happen anytime we are in a situation that we’ve experienced in the past. The new situation just sparks the old memory, in my opinion.

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There is nothing like your child’s tongue frozen to a metal pole to make you yell, “NO! NO! Don’t pull your tongue away; I’ll get some water to get you lose” to bring back the memory of a strip of your skin from your tongue hanging from the aluminum storm door in the dead of winter when you, too were 5 years old.

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Being a grandparent does that for me even more because I am not run off my feet!

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It does help tremendously to recall childhood memories when you have children…its one of the best tools for relating to them and understanding where they come from. It also helps that your children will frequently ask did you do this or that when you were little…suddenly a video of forgotten memories are played in your thoughts and it can be a wonderful moment (given the this or that).

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Yes as you do relive many experiences as you go through them with your own…both the good and the bad!! Lots of relived belly laughs and gut wrenching horrors come flooding back.

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