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Do you ever feel high after eating?

Asked by Facade (22902points) July 9th, 2010

Weird, I know.
Sometimes, like just now, after I eat, I feel as though I’ve just taken a hit. Light-headed, kind of dizzy, very relaxed.

Anyone else?
Is there a biological cause for this, or do I just really like food?

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No. Just full.

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haha yeah its happed to me, maybe thats why i eat so much….

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“What makes you feel tired after eating? It is actually a process that takes place in your body and results into the condition. Feeling tired after eating is usual when you consume food stuffs that have large volumes of sugar and flour in them such as bakery or sweet food items. Presence of excess sugar in your body results into increase in the blood sugar level. This further leads the pancreas to produce more insulin and release it into the blood stream of your body. Excess secretion of insulin, results into a substance called tryptophan to move into the brain. Tryptophan is a protein building block and which on reaching the brain gets transformed into serotonin. It is finally due to serotonin, that you feel tired after eating.”

From this link.

Higher serotonin levels are also brought on by psychadelic drugs (such as shrooms, LSD, DMT, mescaline) and ecstasy.

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@jfos I had sausage and eggs…? I never feel like this after eating sugary foods.

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Have you had your blood sugar and A1c level checked recently? I’m diabetic, so what you’re describing is quite familiar to me. It’s the result of high blood sugar. It’s important that you get the A1c test done, since it will give you an average of your blood sugar level over the last three months. If you’re pre-diabetic, it may be that your blood sugar only rises after meals, which means a regular blood sugar (or urine strip) test might miss it.

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@SmashTheState I have been to the doctor in a long time. The last time they checked my sugar, it was normal.

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[Removed by me.]

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I’ll have what see’s having.

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I’ve never experienced getting high from eating, but I have experienced feeling drunk from excessive amounts of certain foods like turkey and carbs.

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@jfos I haven’t done any of those yet, just weed.

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anything you put into your body break down into chemicals. So no matter what you do, be it eat, exercise, drink a beer, your body reacts differently to the chemicals. So it is very possible to feel high after eating. Perhaps it was a food you enjoy and you were satisfied and it made you happy. There are plenty of people who are addicted to food as there are people that are addicted to drugs. They make us feel good. That is why there are meetings for narcotics anonymous and over eaters anonymous

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Not really high, but more tired. A.K.A , Food coma.

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It depends on what was in the brownies.

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certainly…I’m diabetic and when food and insulin hit….BLAMMO!!!!

the coconut M and Ms really had me spinning, not literally…....

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I’m diabetic too but never get a food high. After another activity, oh yes!

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When I eat sushi, yes but I think it’s the wasabi paste and soy sauce that gets my blood pressure up.

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Good food is a passion for me…it makes me feel sassy!

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