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How much is HBO and is it worth it?

Asked by kheredia (5558points) July 9th, 2010

I’m thinking about purchasing HBO because I’ve recently become a fan of “True Blood” and I don’t want to wait for the third season to come out on DVD but I’ve been looking online for pricing and I can’t find anything! I want to know about how much more I would be looking at per month and for those of you who have HBO or have had it in the past, is it worth paying the extra money?

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for me, I think it was $11 or $12 a month, but most cable companies have some kind of promotion with other movie channels where you get it free for a period of time… for me it was a year… and then you pay the extra cost after the promotion runs out.

I think it’s worth it because they’ve got pretty decent movies and stuff too, and their On Demand is free if you subscribe to them.

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It depends on your local Cable company.

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I have Direct TV and the last time I checked, it was about $15 a month. I would look at their line up and see if there are other shows on HBO that you would be interested in. Personally, it’s not worth it for me because all I would watch is True Blood. I have a good friend that has HBO and she records True Blood. We get together, order pizza (my treat) and watch it.

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For me, it has never been worth it. Whenever I want to watch one thing, something else is on.

I have FIOS and HBO runs $16.95 a month.

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The great thing about getting HBO is that you can also get everything OnDemand, online, in HD.

You can get a deal of $5–10.

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It’s not worth it unless you make over $50K a year. I know you wanna see that cool show first-run, but is it worth $12 a month, when you can wait and watch it nearly free later?

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Wait until the shows come out on DVD and get them then.

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I just got Dish 2 months ago, and it seems like all HBO has played in X-Men Origins:Wolverine.

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Yeah, maybe I’ll just wait.. I don’‘t know if I’ll watch anything else on it but True Blood.. I’m just a bit impatient but 15 bucks a month seems a bit too much for one show. Thanks everybody!

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I’m thinking it’s cheaper to just subscribe to Netflix. You can check out the HBO schedule online and see if it would be worthwhile for you.

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@YARNLADY I do have netflix, thats how I got hooked on True Blood in the first place, but the third season is already playing on HBO and it won’t be out on DVD for a while. That’s what sucks about renting a series before the whole series is over. Now I have to wait or get HBO.

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@kheredia: Have you checked Amazon? You can buy individual episodes of lots of shows there to watch online. I don’t know about stuff on pay channels though… I haven’t looked.

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@kheredia Do you have any friends that watch it that would be cool with letting you come over to watch it with them? Maybe you could bring dinner or something like that as a trade off. I hate how HBO releases the videos of True Blood. It sucks that they won’t release any episodes until the next season is about to start. But, that is how they get people to subscribe to their channel.

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