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In the spirit of fun, do you ever have to bribe your husband/wife/partner with something for them to do something you want to do?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) July 9th, 2010

If so, what do you have to bribe them with, and what for?

The other day we were eating dessert peaches for, well, dessert. My husband loves them more than i do. I love playing board games whereas he doesn’t really. I traded my peaches for a game of Scrabble. :D

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I’d call it more of a compromise than a bribe.

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I bribe with my wife, for example If I have a guys night out, I have to help her clean house the next day or something; kind of a this for that.

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I bribe my husband for backrubs all the time. I always say I’ll do _____ (something particular that he likes) if he’ll give me a backrub and it always works.

I could just ask for the backrub and he would do it, but this is more fun.

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I’ve tried to do this. I might say that I’ll fold laundry if he does the dishes. He respond saying that he’ll do the dishes, and I can just go relax. No, he’s not for sale

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My wife and I enjoy pleasing each other so much, that I’ll agree to pretty much anything she wants and she does the same for me. It sounds like it could be fun. Maybe will try it out!

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My partner and I often trade kisses for favours. :)

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When he’s asked me to watch a movie I really don’t care for then I ask for a few hands of Gin Rummy.

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Oh, absolutely. My waife wanted something that I didn’t, and I agreed that she could get it IF i got to pick the color of our house next time we paint. It was currently Smufy Blue (her choice).
For the next 3 or 4 years, any time she talked about how the house needs paint, I would start throwing around colors like Mandarin Orange or Purple.
I finally traded the color choice for something I really wanted, that my wife didn’t.

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Hmmm… after reading this maybe I need to stop doing some of the things I do until I ask for something in return.

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There’s this neato thing I’m learning in a relationship which is to speak up about what I like and what I want. The cool part is having a partner who will do the things from there on (at least some of them) so you don’t even have to ask or bribe :)

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