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Where in San Francisco can I find a scrunchable straw sun hat?

Asked by occ (4083points) July 9th, 2010

I want a straw hat that will provide shade on sunny days (For trips out of foggy San Francisco). I want one of those straw hats (or synthetic, that look like straw?) that are really soft so that you can scrunch them and don’t have to worry about packing the hat into a bag or suitcase (instead of those rigid straw hats that can break or crack). Does anyone know where I can buy on in San Francisco? I want to be able to try it on, so prefer to purchase in a store rather than online.

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My wife has a very soft, wide brimmed hat that is a lot like the straw hat you describe. It is made of cloth but has some rigidity to is so that it can scrunch but regain its shape when needed. I’m struggling to remember where she got it, but my instinct says on Haight Street. It might have been at Ambiance or at Earthsong.

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I was in the Ferry Building today and saw exactly the hats you describe at Kingdom of Herbs. You should check it out (The Farmer’s Market there is fantastic.)

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thanks! Before I saw your message I actually found something similar to what I was looking for at Walgreens for about $15 – not great quality but it’ll do for keeping the sun out of my eyes. I bought it for now but will check out Kingdom of Herbs in case what they have is more like what I was looking for.

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