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I have a photo-sharing page on Picasa. Is there anyway to see who has visited and viewed the page?

Asked by srmorgan (6740points) July 9th, 2010

I have a photo-sharing web page for certain albums of some crafts that I do.
I am going to list this web page on business cards because I am beginning to show some of my pieces in galleries.
I want to see how many people use the address on the card to actually view my page.

Is there any way to do this?
Would this be easier to track on Flickr or


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On individual photo pages (not the album), I see a “Views” with a number in the bottom right page.

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I was looking more for IP addresses and things like that. I know that I notify friends around the country via e-mail when I have posted more work.
I was looking to see what kind of local traffic might be generated.



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Yeah, Google Analytics would be the ticket. And Google’s Picasa doesn’t work with Google Analytics.

You could set up a separate web page and watch its traffic, while hosting its images on Picasaweb.

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You can try Flickr Stats:
You’ll need a Flickr Pro account though.

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