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The security bill for the Pope's upcoming visit to Britain is reportedly around £12 million, why can't he rely on his faith to keep him safe?

Asked by ucme (46456points) July 9th, 2010

Yeah just a thought, I mean his “God” would surely be the only guardian he would ever need. Saving the British taxpayer a tidy sum along the way.There are a myriad of worthy causes that surely deserve that impressive sum of money. Can’t have much confidence in the guy upstairs now can he?

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Good point.

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good point…...but some terrorists have a ton of faith as well.
War of the Roses??

The Popemobile has bullet proof glass. But when the man is on his knees, he may be preoccupied.

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Mehmet Agah challenged the faith of Popes.

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I think the Vatican should cover these costs, or they should bring their own security for in case the Pope’s “Protector” is inadequate.

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God helps those who help themselves.

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Faith never kept anyone from getting killed by me

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the faith of all religion is false…..they simply cannot rely on it…because it is unreliable…
the faith of the true God is not within religion.

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He expects the Africans to protect themselves from HIV with faith not condoms! I agree with you totally. Maybe that’s where the 12mill will be better spent.

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Good point but faith alone will not protect anyone in this kind of society. He has faith in God’s love for him, I assume, but he realizes if he runs in front of a bus he’s toast.

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Well, Dawkins will arrest him, and the faith approach doesn’t work in this case. He’s a scientist after all.

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