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Which terms of endearment do you most use with your Significant Other?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19720points) July 9th, 2010

I do not care how unusual or corny you think they sound, if you call your beloved, “my crazy catfish” tell us about it!

I call my wife: baby, my sweet, honey, you sexy thing!, sexy grammie, my darling and probably several more that don’t come to mind at this instant.

What term of endearment do you most like your SO to use for you?

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Wow, is SHE lucky!!
I say , “sweetie” “darlin” and “sweetheart.” What do I get back? My name, usually, with a few “sweeties” thrown in on rare occasions.

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Bonnie lass, or our lass. She calls me pet or love.

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@ucme “love” is really sweet.

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I call him ‘Lovi’

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Honey, tiny pumpkin, bunkie.

He calls me his pocket wife and tiny glade.

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Agapi mou (my love), or matakia mou (my eyes), or moraki mou (my baby).

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Baby, babe, hun, pookie, pookie nuts…

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I call him sweets. His latest for me is ‘babycakes’ which I find cute as anything! :)

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I call him: baby, honey, lover, sweetie, my confidant, my consort, love, babe, and probably a few others that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

He calls me: bebe, sweetie, lover girl, his beautiful bride, and nebesnaya (I might have spelled that wrong). There are probably a few others, but those are the most common. Nebesnaya is my favorite.

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Most often I call him “sweetie” or “Mister” and he mostly calls me “babys”.

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I call him Egg or i just yell “oi!”. Hehe. There’s a silly little story behind the egg name.

He calls me Poop (not the #2 kind of poop, another one, which probably came from the word poopstick years back), babes and “my sexy”.

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Poopstick, i guess, makes for a very interesting story of origin?!

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i don’t know rebble! I learned that word somewhere in highschool, i honestly can’t remember where it came from! Me and my friend used to use it, one of us was Poopstick 1, the other was Poopstick 2. Don’t ask. But it had NOTHING to do with the #2 poop! Or anything else gross for that matter. :D

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She calls me honey, I call her doll.

years ago, I used to call her dog-killer, after an unfortunate freeway accident.

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He’s love, mi amor, hun, luff, handsome.

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Hahaha, silly. Ryan is my “snickertickle.”

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