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What do you think about the russian spys?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) July 9th, 2010

if you watch the news you might have heard of the recently caught Russian spys. if you have please tell me everything you think about it

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I think they’re shmexy. What can I tell ya? I’m Russian and one-dimensional. Seriously, though, what do you mean what do I think of them? Spies exist.

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They are so international.

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What are you asking?

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I hear they like a game of roulette. Hmm, Spies Like Us, good movie funny song.

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go watch the news for a couple minutes or google russian spies

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they lived in a small neighborhood for years neighbors say they were nice, they were giving info to Russia they recently got caught. they aren’t having a trial there being deported in trade for some of our own spies. they were a couple with children

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Amateurs. Back in the days of the cold war they wouldn’t have been caught so easily.

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actually there were a lot that got caught then. this couple have been here for years

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Not quite Boris and Natasha – now those were Russian spies!

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we got 4 back ourselves….and made it all go away….....
Laugh In – peeps through bushes Very iiiinnnnnteresting

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@daytonamisticrip “they lived in a small neighborhood for years neighbors say they were nice”, “they were a couple with children”
I think you will find that most spies do this…, pretend to be ‘normal’ law abiding citizens who blend in with the rest of us.
It would be too big a give away were they walking around with Fedoras and newspapers with two holes cut out.

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i agree i was just giving the details for anyone that didn’t see it on the news

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