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What are some unintentionally funny moments you can recall from movies/tv?

Asked by ucme (50034points) July 9th, 2010

Yeah not comedies but something that had you laughing nevertheless.Maybe a scene that was so badly acted or a situation that although meant to be realistic was anything but.Whatever the reason i’d be interested in any responses, thank you please.

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Some of the acting in the horror movie The Human Centipede was so bad I laughed out loud.

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My guy and I watch Law and Order: SVU reruns almost every night.
I’ve always gotten a kick out of how the detectives know the most random things, and explain their knowledge it so dumbly. Like, “This tiny scrap of paper is the corner of a receipt from Joe’s Button Factory on the Upper East Side… I know because my college roommate’s uncle is Joe!”
Detective Finn (Ice-T) once dropped some improbable knowledge and justified it by saying “what? I just know stuff.”
Made me LOL4RL.

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@FutureMemory aww I loved that movie

The Last Airbender made me laugh and cry it was so bad in all aspect of movie making…from the acting, to the writing, to how he tried to squeeze all of book one in 114 minutes (completely ridiculous). M Knight should be barred from making movies from now on…he completely butchered that movie. My vote is they take it out of theaters and throw it away and act like it never happened…get a new director to make the trilogy.

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Crossroads. To me this movie was so bad that it was laughable. I remember it causing problems between my friends and I because I was dissing the movie the whole time we watched it.

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Chris Walken’s performance on SNL as The Continental was intentionally funny, but when the cameraperson’s gloved hand splashed champagne in his face, his fake mustache started coming off.

It was wriggling every time he breathed out of his nose. He got distracted by how funny it was, and couldn’t say his lines, interrupting himself with laughter. Totally unplanned.

In subsequent performances, the ‘stache was painted on, to prevent another moment of unintentional hilarity, as champagne was often in his face.

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About a third of the way into the movie The China Syndrome, a character describes a potential nuclear accident as radiating an area “about the size of Pennsylvania”.
Three weeks before the release of the film, Three Mile Island, in Pennsylvania, experienced a near China Syndrome crisis.
The audiences during the newly released film all laughed there.

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Any funny moment on the crap movies from Mystery Science Theater 3000, so bad they’re good!

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I also remember a 1980 re-release of the 1958 movie Vertigo, where Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak walked across California Street in San Francisco, during a long shot. The street was torn up for the 1958 sewer project. The funny thing was it looked exactly the same as it did during the re-release, with the Cable Car project going on.
Audiences in the City howled.

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I just saw Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It had it’s moments, but most of the movie was an inane attempt at being an actino flick with romance. In actuality, the entertainment was in the failed attempt, and it ended up being one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

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Many old austere movies (particularly Japanese) are intended to be straight drama but can have What’s Up, Tiger Lilly? moments.

30+ years of watching SNL allows for some kind of overlay to real TV commercials, whereby I can’t see much of anything without superimposing a Will Farrell or Phil Hartman type exaggeration to it.

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This is probably the most epic thing I’ve ever seen, but not because it’s scary or ominous as I’m sure it was meant to be, but because both the idea and the sound effects are totally ridiculous and so bad.

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Of course nothing is funnier than Reefer Madness which was designed to warn people about the horrible dangers of marijuana. It was done in the style of the gory driver’s education movies that showed the aftermath of collisions resulting in mass casualties.

Of course today. Reefer Madness is a hoot!

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