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Do bandaids actually help healing, and what the f do I do about this?

Asked by nikipedia (27692points) July 9th, 2010

I skinned my knee on Sunday. I have been covering it with bandaids and antibiotic.

I have been changing the bandaid once or twice daily. I just changed it and the wound appears to be healing normally, however IT IS SURROUNDED BY A HUGE CREEPY DISGUSTING RASH. Underneath where the sticky part of the bandaid was.


(1) Is this stupid bandaid accomplishing anything other than creating a repulsive, disgusting, foul, unattractive rash?

(2) I have a date tonight. Should I cover the whole thing back up with a bandaid to hide my unsightliness and risk aggravating the rash?

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Depending on they type of bandaid you’re using, you could be allergic to the material it’s made out of. Sometimes you do get redness around a wound, but it’s usually because your body is fighting off infection.

Get a different kind of bandaid, and cover it up.

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Try the Elastoplast™ bandages. They allow the skin to ‘breath’ better even under the sticky parts.

Enjoy your date and do not worry about how you knee looks.

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Are they latex bandaids? You’re probably suffering from contact dermatitis, which is the fancy way of saying your skin has been in contact with something that gives you a huge creepy disgusting rash. :)

I always feel that after the initial sensitivity of a scrape has passed, and you aren’t bleeding, that a bandaid isn’t really needed. You can try an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream on the rash and leave the bandaid off or pick up a non-latex variety.

Don’t hide your rash. How your date reacts will give you a great personality insight.

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Buy some 100% real aspirins, run enough of them under water to rinse off the coating to make a paste and smear it over your cut and the the rashy part. It’ll dry and flake off but will “eat away” some of the grossness as well as helping the scrape heal smoother and faster. I don’t know how but it does. I’ve used this for all kinds of icky wounds and it’s not let me down yet. Even a completely pulled off toenail which when healing is a 9 on the scale of grossness healed up well and the nail grew back smooth and straight like the original. Pack your icky with the paste before you go to sleep and in your morning shower gently rub away the “stuff”. For your date then use the weakling medi tape (like brittle paper) and a steri guaze patch that won’t stick.

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I have dubbed the rash of which you are speaking Band-Aid on Too Long Syndrome. My boys tend to suffer with it. I was told by a doctor once that it is best to keep a cut covered to let it heal from the inside out. I have no idea however, it that is the truth.

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I always thought that band aids were mostly to keep a wound clean while giving it a chance to start forming a scab. I only use them for a day or two at most then expose the wound to the air to help toughen it up.

Yes @SuperMouse

I think Dr. Mouse has identified the problem. lol

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Once the wound has clotted, you no longer NEED a bandage. However, it does have some upsides, like keeping it from getting too dry (in that “my skin is chapped” kinda way) as well as protecting it from snagging on clothes and keeping you from picking at scabs. You may be allergic to the bandage adhesive, or it may just be really red from the bandage peeling off (without a pic I couldn’t tell you). You can try a different brand of bandage, or just wait it out.

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I am allergic to neosporin…...could that be the culprit??

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@jazmina88 Only if the bandage has neosporin in it, and you’d probably know because they’re 5 times more expensive.

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Thanks guys! I have been applying hydrocortisone and will leave it uncovered until it heals. (But I’m wearing pants.)

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